Plastic Surgery: Heather Altman Face Transformation; Before & After Photos

Plastic Surgery: Heather Altman Face Transformation; Before & After Photos

Netizens speculate that realtor Heather Altman has undergone plastic surgery to accentuate her appearance. Let’s learn if it is true or not.

Heather Altman expertly functions as a Real estate broker who has become the talk of the town with regard to her plastic surgery speculations.

After the real estate broker featured on the television show “Million Dollar Listing”, she has been under the microscope for much of her life.

She has been hit with surgery rumours following her appearance on the show. Queries of her going under the knife have surfaced on the web.

Heather Altman’s Plastic Surgery Speculation: Her Face Transformation

The real estate broker Heather Altman has been under media scrutiny concerning her plastic surgery yet again after 2014 rumours.

Previously, in 2014, reports of her going under the knife proliferated on the web after netizens noticed changes in her appearance.

After a few public appearances, people began to speculate and question if she had undergone plastic surgery in any case.

It isn’t unusual for a web personality to undergo a few surgical procedures to alter their appearance living amidst the hub of cosmetic surgery.

However, she has neither confirmed nor denied the plastic surgery rumours until this day. One rumour especially assumes that she had a nose job.

Pictures from 2016 show that her nose as compared to its thinner and symmetrical look now used to be much wider and pointer at the end.

Excluding her nose, the realtor’s lips look thinner than what they are today and her eyebrows as well if compared to the pictures of 2013.

Some netizens think that the realtor got Botox, lip fillers and a facelift. That being said, this is just a speculation that is yet to be confirmed.

The fact that the 36-year-old realtor hasn’t debunked the rumours, it seems the netizens are somewhat true about the speculations.

Having said that, we are obliged to only assume for she hasn’t confirmed the speculations with regard to her plastic surgery.

Before And After Photos Of Heather Altman

After comparing the realtor, Heather Altman’s before and after photos, cyber citizens could see slight yet noticeable changes in her face.

Her facial features appear more toned and thinner than they used to be. In any case, it may be because she had shed some weight but not surgery.

The realtor is yet to comment on having a surgical procedure to accentuate her appearance. 

Who is Heather Altman’s Husband? Her Children

Heather Altman’s husband Josh Altman also serves as a real estate agent. In fact, he also appears on the show “Million Dollar Listing”.

The realtor couple is parents to their two children; a daughter Alexis Kerry and a son Ace David Altman who is 3 years old as of 2022. 

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