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Pierre Pee Thomas Bio, Net Worth, Birthday, Height, Married, Wife
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Legendary music producer Pierre Pee Thomas is known as Co-founder and CEO of famed music company ‘Quality Control Music’ together with his best friend and partner Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee.

He is also a music record producer and businessman who have launched the most known artist of Hollywood like Cardi B, Lil Baby, Migos and many more.

Pierre Pee Thomas Girlfriend Lira Galore: Have They Married Now?

Most Known personality Pierre Thomas is an unmarried man. But, he is dating the instagram model Lira Galore. After dating Pierre, she takes on numerous modeling jobs and operations. Lira shared news about her pregnancy by uploading a small post on social media. The pair is living together since long time.

Currently, the couple is having some issues as Pierre was cheating on lira with another girl. Along with that Pierre has dated lots of women from music industry.

How tall is Pierre Thomas? Details on his Height and Ethnicity

Multi-talented Pierre has a handsome and good looks with well maintained body structure covered with ink multiple tattoos. He stands up with an appealing height of 6 ft 2 inches and a body weight of 92 kg with bulging muscle.

He is interested in body building as he regularly hits gym and eat proper balanced died. Blessed with an extra ordinary physique, Pierre has an influencing personality.

Is Pierre Thomas is still working?  His Career Details

Pierre Thomas has accomplished a lot during his successful career in music industry which was only possible through his hard work and patience. He landed his career on music industry from very young age that was quite serious about his career.

Pierre has established his own music company along with his partner Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee named ‘Quality Control Music’ which is now one of the most leading Music company in the world. He is both co founder and CEO of ‘Quality Control Music’.

Pierre has given his great contribution in the field of American music industry as he has earned both name and famed from it. Along with that he has also launched man y successful artist of Hollywood like Cardi B and Lil Baby during his career.

Pierre Pee Thomas Net Worth- $50 million US Dollars

Pierre Thomas is known as one of the successful business man as he had made a net worth of $50 million USD during his thriving career in the field of music. He has now reached the level of respect who has successfully enlists his name in millionaire’s club.

Pierre Thomas Early Life and Family

Pierre Thomas was born on 7th June 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia and continued his childhood. He graduates from Atlanta, Georgia. Pierre grew up in average family whose parents were very supportive for him. Thomas always had a big dream of building his own empire as he was very serious about his career.

Moreover, Pierre hasn’t shared any info regarding his family and siblings as the material are still hidden.