How Old Is Philip Tindall? Everything To Know About Mike Tindall Father

How Old Is Philip Tindall? Everything To Know About Mike Tindall Father

Rugby International Mike Tindall’s father Philip Tindall current age is 75 years old. Continue below for more info.

Philip is a former banker for Barclays Bank.

He first revealed his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in 2003. So, he has now been suffering from the condition for almost 20 years.

Likewise, his son Mike Tindall has been raising funds and sponsoring Cure Parkinson’s charity.

Philip Tindall Age: Mike Tindall Father

]Mike Tindall’s father Philip Tindall age is 75 years old.

He was born to his father William Tindall, a farming landowner, and his grandfather was Arthur Sutcliffe Tindall, a blacksmith.

Michael James Tindall, aka Mike, is 42 years old who used to be an English rugby union player.

He is married to Zara Philips, the daughter of Princess Anne, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, since 2011. The couple has three children, Mia, 7, Lena, 2, and Lucas, 3 months.

They named their baby boy Lucas Philip Tindall, Philip being a tribute to both Zara’s grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Mike’s father, Philip Tindall.

In his recent interview with BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent, Mike has explained how his wife Zara has been a great help to him and that he would never wish anyone to go through what his father is going through.

Philip Tindall On Wikipedia

Philip Tindall is not on an individual page on Wikipedia. But, he has been mentioned on his son Mike’s and daughter-in-law Zara’s Wiki pages.

When he was young, Philip also played different sports and had even captained Otley Rugby Football Union Club.

He was struggling hard on Mark’s wedding and had spine surgery soon afterward.

Recently, Mark explained the emotional impact Parkinson’s disease has had on his father.

Philip Tindall Family

Philip Tindall is married to his wife Linda Shepherd Tindall who takes care of him primarily.

She used to be a social worker prior to nursing her husband full-time.

Philips’s elder son is Ian Tindall who is 46 years old and is married since 2011.

Mark and Zara from the Tindall family were on the list 0f 30 people who could attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

Philip Tindall Net Worth

It’s not public what Philip Tindall’s net worth is.

However, his son Mark Philip falls under the top 6 Rugby players with the highest net worth.

Similarly, his daughter-in-law Zara was assumed to have a net worth of over $20 million a few years ago.

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