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Who is Paul Cowland From Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars?
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Paul Cowland is a presenter for Discovery Channel’s Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars. His love for vintage cars has brought him to this place. Today, many people know him for his passion for automobiles.

As a matter of fact, he has spent around 20 years knowing and dealing with automotive. This makes him one of the most trustworthy people that Automotive publishers can rely on.

Paul Cowland Net Worth (approx. $257 Thousand)

Paul Cowland has an estimated net worth of $257 thousand as of the current time. According to, he is doing pretty well in his profession.

The involvement with automotive alone has given him this fortune, we believe. He holds combined assets of around $48.8 thousand.

How Tall is Paul Cowland? Height and Weight Details

Paul Cowland has not yet revealed his height and weight details. But, we can assume that he is a tall guy judging from his pictures.

Not to mention, he is good-looking and has an attractive personality. Moreover, when he poses beside classic cars, he looks incredibly handsome.

Paul Cowland from Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars- Wikipedia

Paul Cowland shot to fame as a presenter in Discovery Channel’s Salvage Hunters: Classic Car. Yet, there is not a lot on his Wikipedia on the internet.

Paul was born in 1973 in the United Kingdom. He is a British citizen of White/Caucasian Descent.

He has been working in the automobile industry for more than 20 years. In the meantime, he has bought, sold, traded, repaired and done so many things with cars and automobiles. Moreover, his love and dedication towards this thing did not even let him do any other thing.

In fact, his dedication towards automotive paid him off in 2014. After signing with the Discovery channel in the year, he came on the screen talking, photographing, tuning and doing many other things with cars.

Then, people gradually started to recognize him and now he is one of the most loved automotive experts. He was the presenter of Turbo Pickers’ since 2014 before his current show.

Talking about Discovery’s Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars, Paul Cowland and his mate, Drew Pritchard from Salvage aficionado teamed up together for buying, restoring and selling classic cars. The show is in its 3rd season and has received a lot of appreciation.

Also, as per his Linked In profile, he is the MD at ProMotiv PR.-Nottingham. He actually started working actively in automotive since 1993. And, he is very proud of the decision he has made.

Is Paul Married? Wife and Family Details

Paul Cowland is married but his wife’s actual name details are missing on the internet. However, she is on Instagram as @mightymummymoo. Also, she is there on Instagram as Emma.

Likewise, Emma’s Instagram bio suggests that she loves cats and is a member of The Wine Society.

In addition to his wife Emma, Paul also has 2 adorable daughters and his parents to complete his family. When he gets time out of his busy schedule, he manages to spend quality time with them.

How Old is Paul as of 2020?

Paul Cowland was born in 1973 and is around 47 years old as of 2020. His actual birthdate is missing.

Social Media Presence

Paul Cowland is on Instagram and Twitter as well. He has approximately 2730 followers on Instagram. Anyone who has visited his profile will know about his love for classic cars.

Similarly, he is on Twitter as well with around 3918 followers.