Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Wife Melinda Barbaro? Everything To Know About The Family Of The Australian Crime Boss

Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Wife Melinda Barbaro? Everything To Know About The Family Of The Australian Crime Boss

The Australian gangster Pasquale Barbaro is no more in the world, but his wife Melinda Barbaro has lately appeared in the limelight. So let us gather some information about the Australian Crime Boss’s wife and her private life.

Melinda Barbaro was not much popular until her husband Pasquale was killed in targeted shootings in Sydney.

The incident happened in 2016, where he had an encounter with other gangsters.

After 2003, the Barbaro family – well known for drug trafficking – turned into police employees.

Criminal theorists believe that Pasquale was also one of them, so he was killed by mafias in the Sydney shootout.

Melinda is the widowed wife of Pasquale, who is living a secret life after her husband’s death. However, we’ll try to uncover details about her in this article.

Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Wife Melinda Barbaro?

Pasquale Barabro’s gorgeous wife Melinda Barbaro is related to Calabrian Mafia, a group dedicated to making almost every illegal trade in Australia.

Melinda Barbaro lived a luxurious life until her husband died. After that, there was nothing which she could buy or do.

However, Melinda’s personal information has not been much revealed in public.

We may get to know more about her in the new TV mini-series Australian Gangster.

Melinda’s major duty was to raise her children. According to sources, Pasquale told her not to leave outside for work because of security threats.

Melinda Barbaro Age Details

Melinda Barabro’s age is 36 years as of 2021 while r husband Pasquale was 36 years old when he was killed.

The gangster left Melinda widowed when she was celebrating her 31st birthday.

Before the day of his death, Pasquale told Melinda to buy a $10,000 coffin if something happens to him.

Being in a Calabrian Mafia family, Pasquale and Melinda were highly devoted Roman Catholics.

He always used to tell the bible to his children before sleeping.

Speaking to DailyMail, Melinda told at a young age Pasquale started devoting himself to God.

Meet Pasquale Barbaro And Melinda Barbaro Family On Instagram

Unfortunately, both Pasquale Barbaro and Melinda Barbaro’s family are not available on Instagram.

A few years back, Melinda used to have a Facebook account – which has disappeared as of 2021.

Belonging to a criminal background family, they must have hidden their private details beneath the ground. Even though it was hard for Police to find Pasquale’s information.

However, there are various posts related to the gangster and his wife on the social media.