Ariana Jalia From A Mouthful Of Air-Meet Her On Instagram

Ariana Jalia From A Mouthful Of Air-Meet Her On Instagram

Ariana Jalia is a Child actress from the United States, with roles on Netflix and Amazon. Read till the end and know more about this fantastic multitalented child.

Ariana Jalia is a singer, actor, author, and songwriter from the United States. Her acting credits include A Mouthful of Air, Harlem, Family and Me, Lisey’s Story Manifest, and Prodigal Son.

Ariana Jalia Age And Family Details

Ariana Jalia was born in the year 2013 in the United States of America. She is a child actress from the United States who has appeared in films on Netflix and Amazon.

Ariana Jalia is an approximately ten-year-old girl.

Talking about her family, Dalli Simmons is Ariana’s mother, and her father’s identity is unknown.

Ariana lives in the United States of America at the moment. She is an American citizen who was born in the United States.

Her eating habits aren’t entirely vegetarian. She is currently enrolled at the school. Ariana’s zodiac sign is Virgo, according to astrologers. Her racial origins are Caucasian.

Ariana Jalia Wikipedia Explored

Ariana Jalia is currently not featured on Wikipedia’s official domain. 

At three, Ariana became the world’s youngest author when she wrote her book, Mommy B and Me.

She had established herself as a remarkable novelist within a year after beginning to readjust at the age of two. That’s an incredible accomplishment for someone so young.

The letter B in the title refers to her Blanket, which she sleeps with. She followed up her debut book, AJ’s Birthday Surprise, on March 1, 2016, with AJ’s Birthday Surprise in September of the same year.

Julia’s second book is a retelling of her birthday wishes to become a fairy. Her books are an incredible journey for children and bring joy to readers of all ages.

In 2021, she will star in the drama film A Mouthful of Air alongside Britt Robertson, Amanda Seyfried, Paul Giamatti, and the television series Lisey’s Girl alongside Joan Allen Sung Kang and Dane DeHaan.

Ariana Jalia’s most notable media appearances are Little Big Shots, Steve, Varney & Co., AOL Build, Fox News, and New York Live.

Her acting credentials include NBC’s Manifest, Apple TV’s Lisey’s Story, Tracy Oliver’s upcoming show Harlem, Judge Junior (Gen-Z media), and the short film Family and ME.

Her other credits include co-starring roles in FOX’s Prodigal Son and Amanda Seyfried’s feature film A Mouthful of Air.

Ariana Julia Instagram Explored

Ariana Julia spends a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among other social media platforms.

Ariana has 867 Instagram followers @thearianacorner, with 292 posts and over 31.2k followers. Ariana posts her best photos and videos on her Instagram account.