Paolo Adinolfi Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Missing Judge

Paolo Adinolfi Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Missing Judge

Judge Paolo Adinolfi’s Wikipedia bio is not available for now. Continue below to know everything about the missing judge.

Paolo was an honest judge who was from Rome, Italy.

The judge, Paolo Adinolfi, disappeared from Rome on the morning of July 2, 1994.

Paolo Adinolfi Wikipedia

Paolo Adinolfi has not been listed on Wikipedia yet.

However, we have collected some bio information about him.

In 1970, he won a judicial award, which took him to Milan for a few years before returning to Rome, where he practiced for ten years at the bankruptcy court.

Adinolfi had requested to be assigned to the IV Civil Section of the Court of Appeal just a month after his disappearance.

Adinolfi has been missing twenty-six years, ten more than his son Lorenzo had when his father vanished while on a research trip in England.

He returned to Rome right afterward, but he never saw him again, alive or dead.

Paolo Adinolfi Family: Wife And Daughter

Paolo Adinolfi’s family includes his wife, son, and daughter. He had a happy family.

Furthermore, Paolo Adinolfi’s wife’s name is Nicoletta Grimaldi, Son, Lorenzo Adinolfi, and Daughter, Giovanna Adinolfi.

Their both son and daughter are professionally a lawyer.

Paolo Adinolfi Missing Case

In recent years, there have been various theories of a criminal incident in which the judge may have been the suspect.

They were starting from the first, which the magistrate had seen as a “witness” to the collapse of certain financial behemoths when at the Bankruptcy Court.

In 1992, he was involved in the collapse of ‘Fiscom,’ a corporation centered around figures from the Secret Service and organized crime.

The truth is that he never showed up to testify about Amber’s accident.

The inquiry into Paolo Adinolfi’s disappearance has concluded.

Despite the fact that even the prosecutors were persuaded of the criminal theory, the family has been at odds for years.