Orieta Pires Age: Everything To Know About John Coates Wife

Orieta Pires Age: Everything To Know About John Coates Wife

John Coates wife Orieta Pires, aged 40, is one of the best-known hairstylists and makeup artists in Sydney. 

Orieta Pires is a Timorese-Australian makeup artist.

Pires came on the news highlighted after her marriage with John Coates, who is the president of the Australian Olympic Committee. Pires is based around Sydney.

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John Coates’ Wife Orieta Pires Age And Wikipedia

Well-known makeup artist Orieta Pires’s current age is 40 years old. Unfortunately, Pires’ exact birth details are hidden from the web.

Pires was born in East Timor, a small nation in South East Asia and Oceania. She moved to Australia during her late teens. She opened her own makeup studio and hair salon, Orieta Pires Hair And Makeup, in 2014.

Coincidentally, this was the same year Pires was engaged to John Coates. Coates and Pires married each other three years later in 2017.

Orieta mostly does wedding makeup and hairstyling for fashion models. She also models for a photoshoot once in a while.

Likewise, Pires’ husband John Coates is a lawyer and a businessman. He was recently elected as the President of the Australian Olympic Committee in 2020.

Prior to this, he was a vice president of the International Olympic Committee (2013-2017).

Coates started his career in administration in the Sydney Rowing Club in 1978. He also actively takes part in Olympic bids in Australia.

He is also a board of directors of a number of companies such as William Inglis & Son Ltd,  Grant Samuel Advisory Board, European Australian Business Council, etc.

For his contributions, he was been awarded a number of honors such as a lifetime member of Rowing Australia, inducted in the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 1993, and, in 2000, he was awarded the Olympic Order.

Orieta Pires Children

Orieta Pires has six stepchildren but does not have a biological child.

Further, all of her stepkids were born from John’s former relationships. Also, all six children are grown-ups.

Orieta Pires Net Worth And Instagram

Orieta Pires’s net worth has not been accumulated yet.

Moreover, Pires does not have an Instagram account.

She is a private person and does not engage with the public yet. So much so that the wedding invitees were requested not to publicize the wedding on social media.

The only social media Orieta has is a Facebook page @OrietaPiresGlamour, where she posts her work portfolios.

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