Who Is Oleg Kricunova? Everything To Know About The Cast Of FBI: International TV Series

Who Is Oleg Kricunova? Everything To Know About The Cast Of FBI: International TV Series

Oleg Kricunova is a Spanish actor who is starring in an American crime television series called FBI: International. Here are some more details about him including his age.

Oleg Kricunova is considered one of the veteran actors in Spanish as well as world cinema.

His associations with all kinds of a filmmaker from all over the world have let him find his actual acting skill.

What Is Oleg Kricunovas Age?

The exact age of Oleg Kricunova is not available as he has not publicly announced it on media yet.

He seems to be around 50-55 years old looking at his pictures present on his social media platforms.

It was known that he began his acting career in his early thirties and has not taken a break since then.

His dedication and hard work let him achieve a pinnacle of success and today he is proud of his profession.

Moreover, he believes that he choose this career at the very right time and now has no regrets about it.

Oleg Kricunova Wikipedia And Nationality Explored

Oleg Kricunova cannot be found on Wikipedia yet and he possesses Spanish nationality.

Although he was born to Russian parents in Russia, he later moved to Spain and has been residing there since then.

Likewise, among many skills, he is able to speak fluent Russian and English which has been helpful in his diverse acting career.

He was living in the UK for more than six years while he was working for various TV channels.

Furthermore, he is set to feature in an upcoming movie called 355 where he can be seen working together with Penelope Cruz and Diane Kruger.

Who Is Oleg Kricunovas Wife?

Oleg Kricunova is married to a beautiful woman whose name is not publicly present yet and he feels lucky to call her his wife.

He generally posts about his partner on his social media accounts and shows his love towards her through it.

Along with that, he has two daughters from his spouse and seems to be a loving and caring father to them.

Being a person involved in the entertainment industry, he does not have a certain place of residence as he has to move from place to place.

Currently, it is known that he lives in London and Madrid along with his family.

Oleg Kricunova Net Worth And Instagram

The information regarding Oleg Kricunova’s net worth cannot be found on his Instagram account because he has kept it confidential.

From his movies collections and box office records, we can assume his net worth to be around $100,000 – $500,000 as of 2021.

Accordingly, he has been in an association with various big projects which have paid him off very handsomely.

He is actively present on Instagram under the handle @olegkricunova and more than 500 people follow him as of now.

Apart from Instagram, we can find him on Facebook too under the username Oleg Y. Poutchnine Kricunova(Oleg).