Obituary: How Did Tim Rosaforte Die - Cause Of Death; What Happened To Him?

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Tim Rosaforte one of the renowned golf journalists passed away On Tuesday, January 11 at the age of 66. A quick update on his death cause.

Tim Rosaforte is one of the rare breeds of journalists who is able to successfully work in both television and print at the same time. However, he has served as the president of the Golf Writers Association of America.

Therefore, he was also awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism in the year 2014 and the Lincoln Werdern Golf Journalist Award in the year 2016.

Unfortunately, this year was the last year for him to be alive in this world who was now no more with us. His death news has spread all over the internet at the moment.

Obituary: How Did Tim Rosafote Die-Cause Of Death

As per the source, it comes to know that Tim Rosaforte was passed away from Alzheimer's disease complications. However, the report is yet to publish publicly.

Similarly, Tim was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer's in late 2018. He has been suffering from the disease for three years as of now.

Well, Tim has also retired from his long-lasting career as a Golf journalist from his years ago following his diagnosis and he also needs rest for his health.

Talking about the disease, Alzheimer's disease is one of the tops causes of death in Americans and it is also the cause of Tim Rosaforte's death.

And also this disease is the fifth leading cause of death in men over 65 years old. The disease affects brain functions, loss of memory,, and many other ailments, ultimately leading to the patient's demise.

What Happened To Tim Rosaforte?

Since 2018 Tim Rosaforte was suffering from a dangerous disease called Alzheimer disease which is also the main course of his death as of now.

However, he has been diagnosed with the disease since 2018 and also recently this week as well. Though implies that his Alzheimer's developed rapidly until his passing this week.

Over the course of his more than 40 years of career as a golf journalist, he has become one of the most respected storytellers in the sport as well.

Apart from that, his dedication, work, and activities will forever be missed. People really enjoyed his work and presentation to the media team as well.

Tim Rosaforte Illness And Health

Let's get to the point of Tim Rosaforte's health and Illness that he has been facing for more than three years. Unfortunately, Tim's health becomes weak at the time.

However, the golf channel has also announced his retirement at the end of the year because of his illness. At the moment all of his good wishes are in loss of the happiest soul.

Rest In Peace Tim Rosaforte.

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