Oath Keepers Founder: Stewart Rhodes Eye Injury; What Happened To Him – His Arrest Charges

Oath Keepers Founder: Stewart Rhodes Eye Injury; What Happened To Him – His Arrest Charges

Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers’ creator, commander, and board of directors uses an eye patch owing to a self-inflicted shot in 1993.

Stewart Rhodes was born in 1966 in the little Montana city of Big Arm and was brought up in the southwest.

According to his biography published by SPL Center, he entered the US Army as a jumper after finishing high school and earned a general discharge after a night paragliding incident.

According to the same website, Rhodes attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and completed the degree in 1998.

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Eye Injury: What Happened To Him?

Stewart Rhodes, a former weapons trainer, misplaced a loaded pistol, which fired and injured him in his left eye.

The accident occurred in 1993, but little is available about it, and it is generally ignored in Rhodes biographies or publications.

As per the source, the incident motivated the then 28-year-old to enroll in a local college, according to an article produced by Atlantic inquiry.

In 2009, he drifted away from election campaigns and formed the group that bears his identity, Oath Keepers. The group was founded in April of that year. 

Stewart has been a figure on the far right with his trademark dark eye patch nearly since the day he declared the formation of the Oath Keepers at a gathering in Lexington, Mass., the site of a major Revolutionary War fight.

Learn About Stewart Rhodes Arrest Charges

Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes was arrested for high treason on January 6  as per the police investigation. 

The F.B.I. captured Stewart Rhodes, the head of the far-right militia, in a key development in the case into Trump supporters’ assault on the Senate.

On Thursday, he was imprisoned, along with ten others, for plotting to invade the Capitol and interrupt the confirmation of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s election success.

The arrest of Stewart, 56, marked a significant step forward in the inquiry into the Capitol incident. So far, more than 700 people have been charged with participating in the incident.

Oath Keepers: Stewart Rhodes Further Details Explored

Stewart Rhodes, an ex-Army parachute who moved onto the Yale Law School, was being examined for his involvement in the violence.

He portrayed himself as the leader of a personal militia ready to take on corrupt federal officials and defend the country by any means possible.

Rhodes is a chair activist with tens of thousands of members who largely served as internet fighters. His political career started as an adviser to ex-Texas Senator Ron Paul, a Republican who later became a freedom fighter.

According to Wikipedia, he worked as a clerk for Arizona Supreme Court Judge Michael D. Ryan following college and then helped for Ron Paul’s failed 2008 election.

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