Noah Ziggy Skehan Age: Meet Donal Skehan And Sofie Larsson’s Son On Instagram

Noah Ziggy Skehan Age: Meet Donal Skehan And Sofie Larsson’s Son On Instagram

Noah Ziggy Skehan seems to be one of the adorable boys among his age group. His beautiful eyes are truly mesmerizing.

Noah Ziggy Skehan is the second child of Donal Skehan.

Donal Skehan is a popular presenter and food writer, and cook. In 2017 Noah came to this world. Since then, he is the apple of the eye of all the fans of Donal Skehan.

Noah’s purity and his appearance are appealing, which has raised a lot of questions regarding him.

Let us talk about Noah Ziggy Skehan.

Name Noah Ziggy Skehan
Birthday December 1, 2017
Age 3
Gender Male
Nationality Irish
Parents Donal and Sofie Skehan
Siblings Oliver Skehan

How Old Is Noah Ziggy Skehan?

Noah Ziggy Skehan is currently at the age of 3.

Noah celebrates his birthday is on December 1 every year.

His age has not been revealed on other sites. However, his mom mentioned him on her Instagram on her 3rd birthday.

Is Noah Ziggy Skehan On Instagram?

Noah Ziggy Skehan is not on Instagram.

He has been featured on Instagram many times by his parents. He seems very lovely in those pictures. 

Not only him, but his elder brother Oliver has also been with him many times.

Noah Ziggy’s Parents And Siblings

Talking about Noah’s parents, his father’s name is Donal Skehan, and his mother’s name is Sofie Larsson Skehan.

His father is a famous Irish Cook, food writer, TV personality, photographer, and singer. He is seen on his Television Series Cookbook. 

His mother, Sofie, is partly Swedish. She seems beautiful and lovely. She seems to work on some collaboration agency that helps people reveal their talent and meet their brands.

His grandparents include Dermot Skehan and Liz Skehan. Noah is the younger brother of his Sibling, Oliver Skehan.  

Besides him, there are no other siblings of Noah. It appears Noah and Oliver have deep love within them. 

During his free time, Noah Loves to roam around with his parents.  His happiness lies playing with his brother Oliver all the time. It seems he has immense love and respect for his big brother.

He also loves to go to the beach and play within its vicinity.

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