Meet No Time To Die Cast: Lisa Dorah Sonnet Her Age & Parents Details Explored

Meet No Time To Die Cast: Lisa Dorah Sonnet Her Age & Parents Details Explored

Lisa-Dorah Sonnet is a child actress who has debuted in the latest addition to the James Bond 007 movie franchise, No Time To Die. She recently captured the audience’s attention for acting as the daughter of James Bond in the movie.

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Lisa Dorah Sonnet Age And Wikipedia

Lisa Dorah Sonnet seems to be around 5 to 10 years old.

Lisa Dorah is not available on Wikipedia and any other social media like Instagram and Twitter.

As Lisa is very young, she does not seem to be active on online platforms. Lisa and her parents must be more focused on her education and career.

Lisa Dorah seems to be born talented as she is highly praised for her first debut in No Time To Die. 

Lisa seems to be an adorable kid who has got very bright future in the acting field.

Lisa Dorah Sonnet Parents

Lisa-Dorah Sonnet’s parent is not available yet, but her on-screen mother is Madeleine Swann, and her father is suspected to be James Bond.

Lisa-Dorah, as “Mathilde” having blue eyes like James Bond, is one of the reasons for doubting their father-daughter relation while Madeleine, James Bond’s girlfriend, disagrees.

Dr Madeleine Swann is a French psychologist debuting as Bond’s girlfriend and Mathilde’s mother.

The other character in the movie Safin agrees that the kid is her daughter, but the bad guy tries to manipulate him.

Bond is not proven as Mathilde’s father initially; however, she is proved to be her biological daughter later. 

Lisa Dorah Sonnet in No Time To Die

Lisa Dorah Sonnet is acting as “Mathilde”, daughter of character Madeleine Swann in “No Time To Die”.

The movie “No Time To Die” was screened in theatres on October 8, 2021. 

No Time To Die is an action and adventure movie franchise with the addition of domestic life too.

The story starts with James Bond’s plot enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica after leaving active service.

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