Who Is Nigel Rosser? Isabel Oakeshott Ex Husband And Net Worth Explored

Who Is Nigel Rosser? Isabel Oakeshott Ex Husband And Net Worth Explored

The journalist duo couple Nigel Rosser and Isabel Oakeshott went their separate ways in 2018; Although the couple had been married for a long time and have three kids together; So let’s find out more about him in the article below. 

Isabel has earned a good name and is renowned in her field of work. She is a political journalist and commentator who has given almost 20 years to this field.

In contrast to her professional life, her personal life has gone through significant hurdles and changes and has been in the public eyes for them to judge. 

Isabel Oakeshott Ex-Husband Nigel Rosser

Nigel Rosser works as a British political journalist and broadcaster. 

Nigel was born and raised in the UK. 

Nigel is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 75 kg. 

Not much is written or found about Rosser, as he is not active on any social media platform. 

However, Isabel is always on the media as her work demands, and therefore, the public knows a lot about her. Isabel is very active on Twitter and goes by @IsabelOakeshott.

Isabel also has her official website www.isabeloakeshott.co.uk where she shares her work, writing, and information.

Isabel was the Sunday Times’ political editor and the co-author, with Michael Ashcroft, of Call Me Dave, the authorized biography of former British Prime Minister David Cameron, and several other non-fiction books, including White Flag? 

Nigel Rosser Age

Nigel Rosser was born in 1881 and is now 40 years old. 

Isabel Oakeshott is older than Nigel as she was born on 12 June 1974 and is 47 years old. 

The Rosser couple got married a long time ago and have three kids together. They separated in 2018 and went their separate ways.

The age of their children is not revealed, and Isabel does not share much about her three children and personal life in her social media accounts. 

Isabel is currently in a relationship with businessman and future Reform UK leader Richard Tice.

Nigel Rosser Net Worth

Nigel Rosser’s net worth is estimated to be almost $1.3 million as of 2021. 

On the other hand, Isabell Oakeshott has been very famous and renowned in her field for an extended period and is estimated to have a net worth of $3-4 million.