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Nicolle Wallace Height 5 Feet 6 – Net Worth and Salary Growth Rate Now
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Nicolle Wallace has an average height of 1.67 m (5 feet 6 inch). Her body weight seems adequate and has a slim body structure.

She has blonde hair with a sharp journalist personality. She cheerfully takes interview of the guest in the show NBC News and MSNBC. She is a beautiful political commentator with fair white skin tone.

She does frequent exercise to maintain her body and health in growing age. She is more concerned with the intake of foods and highly avoids junks.

Nicolle Wallace Husband – Mark Wallace

Nicolle Wallace is a known American reporter and is married to former United Nations Ambassador of United States Mark Wallace.

Nicolle Wallace is an independent American political reporter, a journalist, and a writer. She has written many novels.

Nicole, in 2015, published “Madam President” novel which got recognition.

Nicolle Wallace Net Worth and Salary Growth Rate Now

Nicolle Wallace has a net worth of $3 million dollars while her salary per year isn’t disclosed currently.

She has worked as a journalist and reporter in many shows and channel. Previously she used to work as Communications Director at White House.

Now she has been working in NBC news and MSNBC channel. Moreover, the book she has written and published also has been an additional source of income to her vault.

Nicolle Wallace Wiki

Nicolle Wallace was born on 1972, February 4 in Orange County, California. She is an American native. The name of her parents is not revealed to the media.

An American political commentator Nicolle went to the Miramonte High School ng her high school. Later in 1994, she joined the University of California, Berkel and received a B.A in mass communications after completion of her Bachelors, she got her master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 1996.

She then got married to an entrepreneur former United Nations Ambassador of United States Mark Wallace in 2005.

They have an adorable child Liam Wallace and happily reside on their house in Manhattan, New York City.

She also seems to have an attachment with dogs and loves to do gardening in her free time.

Nicolle Wallace Age – 47 years old

Nicolle Wallace is currently 47 years old.

She is an active journalist and TV reporter at NBC News and MSNBC channel.  She seems much younger than her actual age. An American TV journalist and anchor has received lot recognition in such a short span of time and has achieved a lot.

Social Account – Twitter and Facebook

Nicolle is more active on her Twitter account.

She keeps her followers about recent political happenings by sharing political articles. She has also kept some of the images from her show where she is seen interviewing people with a political background.

She is seen graceful in the images she has uploaded in her account. Her account has huge followers of 484K followers.

Talking about her Facebook account she has got 31 thousand people that have liked her page bt is inactive since 2017. She is more active in her Twitter than Facebook.