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Nicole Curran Wiki, Age, Net Worth: Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s Girlfriend Bio
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Nicole Curran Wiki: Unlike her husband Joe Lacob, Golden State Warriors owner, Nicole Curran hasn’t got her own wiki page.

Despite it, she has become an overnight sensation in Hollywood Tinsel Town – thanks to her controversial jiffy with Jay-Z.

Nicole has made waves in social media outlets and magazine after her last responsive conversation with rapper Jay-Z during the NBA Finals.

Even though the chat between the stars was just forthcoming, Beyonce’s fan club wasn’t much pleased with it. They contemplate Nicole’s leaning over Beyonce very uncouth and started trolling her on social media and Instagram.

Since the release of the footage, Curran has been getting some major backlash and even death threats from Beyhive. Curran later confirmed that she was just asking over the rapper if he wanted drinks.

But she never realized how bad consequences it had had until reached home and saw the trolls. Sources have claimed that the star broke down in tears after the singer fans bullied her on Instagram.

Nicole Curran Age – 50

Born on October 28, 1968, Nicole Curran present age is 50. However, she could easily pass for anyone half her age with that drop-dead looks, blemish-free skin, youthful visage, and charm.

It just seems unbelievable to see someone in her 50 looks so charismatic, well-put-up and attractive. No doubt, the brunette beauty has indeed dared time looking spectacular with girlish allure, radiant skin tone, and glossy black locks.

The 50-years-old has apparently got a striking slender physique with toned abs that can be only maintained through intense fitness regimen.

Nicole, 50 often hits the gym to focus on her workout routine and exercise that has been planned precisely.

What is Nicole Curran Net Worth? Is she worth $3 billion?

The reported estimated net worth and an annual salary of Nicole Curran through her flourishing career isn’t tracked yet.

However, she is likely to have amassed a lucrative amount of fortune though; it may not worth as much as her husband Joe.

Curran’s businessman husband Joe is apparently worth a mammoth fortune counting $3 billion. Lacob has bulked up his net worth as a co-owner of NBA basketball team Golden State Warriors.

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s Girlfriend Nicole Curran Bio

Came to public attention as longtime wife of Joe Lacob, Nicole Curran was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

She was only three when her parents legally separated from each other filing for divorce. Following her parents nasty split, she moved in with her mom who had the legal guardianship of her.

At age 13, Nicole was put for adoption in an orphanage as her custodian couldn’t provide enough to the little one.

In her early teens, she attended Milton Hershey School in Pennsylvania but Curran still felt denial to have been abandoned.

Fortunately, her mom reclaimed the guardianship of Nicole at age 15 and then the two moved to Washington D.C. To help her mother with finance, she took numerous odd jobs before relocating to Angwin, California.

She enrolled at George Washington University on full scholarship up until graduation after moving to Bay Area. For financial support, Curran took a job at an ice-cream parlor and a hair salon.

Upon graduating from Washington, Nicole became a high school teacher educating history and government.

Already endured a broken relationship, Nicole is currently married to Golden State Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob.