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Nicky Dodaj Albanian Parents – Age, Height, Ethnicity
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Find Nicky Dodaj How old & Tall Husband Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Nicky Dodaj Age Height & Weight Facts, Read Also:-

Nicky Dodaj is the girlfriend of the famous actor, Arnold ‘s son Joseph Baena. Evidently, she has been gaining popularity from her relationship with Joseph.

Nicky is an Albanian beauty. No wonder, with her beauty and charm, she has stolen many hearts. However, this beauty has already given her heart to Joseph. Even Nicky’s family has met him.

Besides having a pretty face and a beautiful body, Nicky is a hard-working college graduate. She completed Business Administration and Management from Pepperdine University, Malibu, California this year only. At present, she is a financial planning intern at Midwest Financial Partners.

Nicky Dodaj was born to Albanian Parents

Nicky’s parents are originally from Albania. However, the details of her family history are not available on the internet. Since the family resides in the United States at present, we assume that they migrated from Albania.

For the proof, Nicky’s mom was Miss Shkodra, 1992. Miss Shkodra is the beauty contest that is held in Shkodra, in the Northern part of Albania.

The beauty that Nicky has seems to be in the genes of the Dodaj family. Her mother Suela Lekaj-Mansur is as beautiful as Nicky is. Similarly, her father, whose name is unknown as of now, is a handsome man as well. Moreover, Nicky’s mom Suela is a real estate agent as well.

Nicky has 3 other siblings., two sisters and a brother.

Nicky Dodaj is 21 years old of Age

This beautiful lady celebrates her birthday on the 3rd of June every year. However, her actual age is unknown.

Assuming Nicky Dodaj age and her boyfriend’s age are similar, we can say that she must be between 20-22 years old. Her boyfriend Joseph is 21 years old. They graduated from the same University at the same time.

On this year’s birthday, she was together with Joseph.

Nicky looks fairly tall: Her Height is Around 5 feet and 7 inches

As you can see in her pictures, Nicky is certainly not short. In fact, none of her family members are. But, the exact measurement of her height is not available.

If we compare her height with her 6 feet 2 inches tall boyfriend, we can say that she is definitely a tall lady. When she wears heels, she looks almost similar in height to Joseph. Thus, we can say that she is around 5 feet and 7 inches in height.


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Nicky with her boyfriend Joseph

Nicky’s ethnicity is Albanian

By now, you all know that Nicky was born to Albanian parents. Thus, it will be fair to say that she is an Albanian ethnic. Also, in her Instagram bio, she has included the flag sign of Albania. This says a lot about her love for Albanian culture.

Nicky’s Social media Presence

If you are wondering where to find Nicky on social media, that is not a problem. She uses Instagram with the name @nickydodaj. She has posted a lot of her beautiful pictures. Some of them are with her boyfriend, Joseph and some with her family members. Similarly, her Twitter account consists of her witty tweets.