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Nick Beake Age (BBC Journalist) Wiki, Salary, Girlfriend, Family, Bio
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Nick Beake is an out-door journalist for the BBC News Network. He joined the media house in the year 2005 and is currently working as BBC’s Mynmaar correspondent. Prior to his appointment as Myanmar correspondent, Nick worked as a Home Affairs Correspondent for BBC London News.

Journalism is one of the tough fields to get into as well as sustain a good career. Lucky for in-house journalists, still they have got immense pressure to work through. Speak of an out-house journalist, it’s tough, way tough. But as an out-house journalist, one gets to travel the world on media house’s expenses.

Well, the BBC journalist of several years, Nick Beake, has had the same privilege after the network set him in Myanmar.

Working as one of the senior employees at BBC Network, Nick has tasted the media life upfront. Despite, he is still good at keeping his secrets out of the public eye as well as the media itself.

With a number of questions regarding his personal life, here we look for some answers.

Continue with the article to find out more about Nick Beake, his age, Wikipedia, net worth and love life.

Nick Beake Age

Nick has been working as a media person for the last fourteen years. On top of that, he is a college graduate. According to, the average age of a university graduate in the States is over 22.

Taking into account his journalism career as well as his graduation, Nick could be in his 40s now.

While the reporter has brought the global news to a single screen for years, he is yet to fetch his personal details to his fans.

Over his secrecy, the details of his age and early life are still unknown.

BBC Journalist’ Nick Beakes Wiki, LinkedIn Bio

Coming thus far, you already know that Nick is a private person. It’s only obvious that he doesn’t have his bio on Wikipedia page.

Meanwhile, he has a LinkedIn profile.

According to his LinkedIn profile, the British journalist completed his bachelor’s from Manchester University, Manchester. He graduated from that university in 2003.

From 2004 to 2005, he attended City University London.

Afterward, he worked as a reporter for BBC London TV News for 3 years and 1 month. Later, he worked as the network’s Home Affairs Correspondent for 2 years and 10 months.

Currently, he works as a BBC Correspondent for Maynmar. He was employed in that post in March 2018.

How much does Nick earn from BBC Network, His Salary, Net Worth

Nick has been working with BBC Network since July 2005. Over his fourteen years at BBC, he worked on various positions; reporter and correspondent.

As one of the senior media person for BBC, Nick must be making thousands of dollar per year. According to, the average annual earning of a senior BBC reporter is £48,584 ($60355.17).

He could be enjoying a similar paycheck or even a higher one.

Does Nick Beak have a Girlfriend? Family

As mentioned earlier, Nick Beak is a private person. The journalist is yet to open up about his early life as well as his love life in public.

Moreover, he doesn’t have an active Instagram page, that makes it even tough to track his love life.

Whether Nick has a girlfriend or if he is a married man, only he has the answers.