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The famed television host who is gorgeous and cherished by the spectator is Natasha Curry. She is a small screen anchor and currently employed at HLN for the show, Weekend Express with Natasha Curry. The elegant and beautiful Natasha was born at Puyallup, Washington in the year 1976. An American born Curry holds the white ethnicity.  Natasha is widely talked subject for her tremendous work and is still in the process of growing her name in higher altitude. She has completed masters’ degree from Pacific Lutheran University focusing in Biology. With her strong inclination towards journalism she added her degree from University of Arizona State, China and Sichuan Union University majoring in journalism. The luminous and vivacious personality with the interest in reporting, she is suited in the field of journalism.


In the beginning phase of her career, she began to appear in the magazine chat show, Northwest Afternoon being an interviewer. In the show she interviewed many famed celeb like Brad Pitt, William Shatner, Tim Gunn, Snoop Dog and Eva Longoria.  She also worked with several local news channels like KOMO-TV, KIRI-TV, Washington. She also voiced weekly in the KOMO 1000 News Radio. She is the formal host of the channel KYMA-TV. Next she moved to Columbia and joined WLTX-TV networking as reporter. She was the news reporter of Senator Strom Thurmond and also reported in the remonstration of flying confederate flag on State House grounds. After her responsibility for WLTX-TV, she got associated with KDFW-TV, Dallas. She served as the morning and noon news reporter. She also reported and covered the incident of Katrina Hurricane and the survival of the fired bus caused by the Rlta Hurricane. After her experience with KDFW-TV she ended up making some notable assignments instantaneously joining KIRO-TV. The super active woman proved her versatility by her report related with fashion, social and natural calamities, and fitness and as well as appeared in several cooking shows along with well known chef of the states.


Taking another step in journalism she is currently working as an anchor at HLN where she is responsible for covering some mainly notable assignment like Irene Hurricane Live coverage and report, the tragedy of September 11 attacks 10th anniversary and Cannes Film Festival 2009 being an intercontinental reporter. During her stay at KYMA-TV she shows her humanity by travelling to Grand Canyon base with the US Marines forces for helping the Havasupai clan there and also made the coverage through helicopter. Her story brings energy on air and her presentation gives an ambiance that she is precisely suitable for the role of journalism. Natasha is doing amazing in her journalism career even though at the instant her monthly earning has not been made free yet but without any hesitation she receives satisfactory salary which equally helps her to increase her net worth from earlier.


The thirty seven years old Natasha Curry is one of the beautiful TV celebrities severing in the industry. Being one of the prominent personalities it is obvious that the false chitchat of affair or boyfriend can easily occur. So enlightening her personal life especially her love life, is little harder as it has not been disclosed in any information sites. Still we can speak through the unlike rumors which we hear from different sources. Somewhere it is mentioned that she is married to her fire fighter husband and has not divorced him till now which is not confirmed yet. There is no presence of any children in her busy schedule. Despite all those tales, one thing cannot be changed that she is wonderfully incredible in her professional life.


She is stunning, she is famed, she is hot, & she is successful and prominent to remember she is a demanded journalist who has swept the attention of million viewers even in her late thirties. She is like a dream which is pleasant to look for her viewers. She got the ability to bind her viewers through her pretty face and excellent speaking skill on air. With her perfect height favored with her toned figure, has helped her accomplish her success in her concise career time. Being the face of media she is concerned about her appearance and has always presented herself in those clothes which suit the best in her. She virtuously flaunts her pair of beautiful and envious legs and feet in her decent wear. 


She always aimed for the self build career which has been luckily fulfilled till date. Her patience, hard work and endowment are the major factors that have established her to this height in her professional arena. Her wonderful professional life shows her great effort, hard working and devotion.  She has proved herself as one of the demanded journalists through her excellent number of assignments. She got the experience along with her extra wits from different condition by her profession. She is of the optimistic humanity.


This captivating personality’s bio can be explored from Wiki and her followers can also follow her on networking sites like twitter or face book. And also at present Natasha has great number of fans who are supporting her and admiring her work.