Who Is Nadine Davison? Everything About The Girlfriend Of Heavyweight Boxer Joe Joyce

Who Is Nadine Davison? Everything About The Girlfriend Of Heavyweight Boxer Joe Joyce

The gorgeous Nurse at NHS, Nadine Davison, is the girlfriend of Heavyweight Boxer Joe Joyce. Continue to the article to learn more about her.

Ms. Nadine Davison is reckoned amongst the public as the gorgeous girlfriend of British professional boxer Joe Joyce.

However, Ms.Davison works at NHS and serves as an A&E nurse.

In addition to this, She raises awareness for the needy and sick through her social media and actively participates in Campaigns.

Nadin Davison’s partner Joseph Obey Joyce is famous by the name of Joe Joyce and is also popular as The Juggernaut.

Joyce is also popular for his 92% win. Other than this, he has won many heavyweight titles since 2020 and is ranked as the eighth-best heavyweight by ESPN.

Other than this, the silver medalist of the Olympics in boxing, Joyce also shares his interest in painting.

Nadine Davison’s Boyfriend Joe Joyce

Ms.Davison and the winner of WBC silver, Joe Joyce, haven’t shared the details of their relationship.

Yet, both of them haven’t backed off in sharing their lovely photos on Instagram.

According to the posts of the famous boxer, Joe Joyce, It seems that they are quite committed to the relationship.

On the other hand, Nadine has also been spotted in the boxing match of her boyfriend Joe and stated that she feels proud.

Despite being the supportive girlfriend, Ms. Davison is also focused on her career as a nurse and shares her concern about health issues.

Although they haven’t publicly shared their romantic love story, their support for each other makes them wonderful partners.

Joyce has been open about his past relationship with DJ Sarah, but unfortunately, they broke up.

Nadine Davison Age And Family Details

The age of gorgeous Davison is 28 years. However, the family and parent’s details about Ms. Nadine Davison, the girlfriend of Joe Joyce, are not reported in depth.

Furthermore, she was born on 20th August 1993 and celebrated her recent birthday in Croatia with her loving boyfriend, Joyce.

Although, her details cannot be yet discovered in Wikipedia. Her social media gives us a glimpse of her family.

According to Nadine’s post, it seems like she grew up in Guernsey.

Undoubtedly, she is very close to her parents and her siblings.

As a matter of fact, Joe has also visited his girlfriend’s parents.

In addition to this, Nadine is also close with the family of Mr. Joyce.

Moreover, she was spotted in the interview conducted by IFL TV after the fight against Daniel Dubois.

Nadine Davison Net Worth Revealed

Although the exact net worth of Davison is not released, Nadine is expected to earn more than £24,000 per year as an A&E nurse of NHS.

However, Joe earns more than £500,000 in each fight.

Shockingly, Joyce was guaranteed pay of  £1 million for his fight against Dubois.

In addition to this, the European champion will earn more if pay-per-view sales increases.