Monique Vermont Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Actress

Monique Vermont Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Actress

Monique Vermont is not available on Wikipedia, despite being a popular and skilled actress of her time. Read more.

Monique Vermont is a Monegasque actress and theatre personality best known for her performance as a child actress in the 1960s.

She never tried to break into the media or the film industry as an adult. But no one knows why she did not pursue acting as a career in the future.

Since she was merely a child actress and was active in the industry more than 50 years ago, it is clear that she is not well-known in the public eye.

People appear to be concerned about her personal life and many other aspects of her work life.

Monique Vermont Wikipedia

Monique Vermont is not available on Wikipedia, despite her fantastic performance in the movies.

However, her bio is on a variety of other websites on the web.

Similarly, Monique is also on IMDb, where we can read a short biography about her.

Besides, she was on various popular TV shows, movies, and programs such as The Music Ma, Don’t Call Me Charlie, and Wagon Train.

Monique Vermont Age: How Old Is She?

Monique Vermont is 71 years old as of 2021.

Further, she was born on April 17, 1950, in Casablanca, Morocco.

However, not many details on her personal life are available to the media.

Monique Vermont Husband

The first husband of Monique Vermont is Henry Frantz, who died in a car accident.

They were married for nearly two decades, 19 years to be exact, and had only one kid during that time.

Similarly, she married Henry in 1989, and they were married for over a decade until splitting up in 2008.

Nevertheless, there is no other information available concerning her husband or child’s whereabouts.

Monique Vermont Net Worth

The net worth of Monique Vermont is not available anywhere on the web.

So far now, Monique Vermont remains lowkey regarding her status and net value. 

However, as a famous child actress from the past, she must have made quite a fortune at an early age. 

Further, she seems to have a fulfilling life without needing to depend on acting on her adult years. Thus we can say that she must be well off in terms of net worth.

Where Is She Today?

She is now living in the United States, running a theatrical dance school in Norfolk, Virginia.

She is also an artistic director there.