Mirianne Brûlé Conjoint 2021: Is The Canadian Actress Married?

Mirianne Brûlé Conjoint 2021: Is The Canadian Actress Married?

Who Is Mirianne Brûlé Conjoint Leo Manzur? Mirianne, the Canadian actress and host, now lives in Costa Rica with her Conjoint, Leo Manzur.

Mirianne Brûlé is an actress and a host from Canada.

Mirianne is best-known for her role as Selina Laporte Carpenter in the children’s television series Ramdam.

The actress started as a child actor from TV series like Ford Boyard(1990), The School Teacher(1995), and the movie L’enfant des Appalaches.

Similarly, she is also well appreciated for her roles in 2 Frogs in the West(2010), Le poil de la beta(2010), and marriages(2001).

To date, IMDb has credited Brûlé 17 times for different projects.

The talented actress is 37 years old, born on April 3, 1984, in Saint-Charles-Borromee, Quebec, Canada.

Mirianne Brûlé Conjoint 2021

Mirianne Brûlé is in a loving relationship with her conjoint Leo Manzur.

Leo is a chef from Argentina who now works in Costa Rica. 

Marianne announced her relationship in 2018, and previously, she was married to Jason Roy Leveillee, a Canadian actor.

They were married in 2007 and got divorced in 2017.

After the divorce, she was in Costa Rica for a vacation, where she fell in love with her now-conjoint, Leo.

They now live in Costa Rica with their daughter Camilla, born on August 24, 2019.

Currently, they own and operate two restaurants in the beautiful coastline country of Costa Rica.

Mirianne Brûlé Family

Currently, Mirianne Brûlé lives in Costa Rica with her family, including her conjoint and a daughter.

The 37-year-old actress was born in Saint- Charles-Borromee, to both musicians’ parents.

Regrettably, there aren’t many details about them so, we could not verify their names.

Her parents are very supportive of her as she started her dance classes and ballet early on in her life.

Mirianne Brûlé Instagram

Mirianne Brûlé is available on Instagram under the name @miriannebrule.

The Canadian actress has more than 89.4 k followers on her account and has 2,108 posts to date.

She regularly updates the followers of her projects through social media.

Besides that, we can find lots of family photos and pictures of the beautiful beaches in Costa Rica.

Mirianne Brûlé Net Worth

Mirianne Brûlé estimated net worth is $800,000, as per networthpost.

However, this is not an official figure as the actress herself has not disclosed her assets and properties.

Mirianne is a famous actress from Canada, having worked on multiple movies and shows to date.

As of now, the actress is splitting time from her home in Costa Rica and Canada.

In Costa Rica with her Conjoint, she owns and operates two restaurants.

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