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A sustainably successful character well deserved to be known as a Meteorologist, Mike Seidel is regarded a high stormed performer. He notably is a brave accountant of severely wrong weather conditions and bringing it show cased to the worlds through TWC, The Weather Channel. Field reporting and breakthrough instances of weather conditions is what really makes the good looking and well built Michael Philip Seidel known as Mike Seidel to his audiences of TWC popular American Meteorologist.


The mist of January 18, 1956 is the date when he stepped foots in this world in Salisbury, Maryland of the United States. He had an early interest in nature and its speciation, which drove the six-year-old into snowfall measurements. Being extra talented in technology and well acquainted by the family, he set up a radio station in his home in Maryland at the tender age while still studying in eighth grade. High School was not tough for the young achiever as he had several places to work while still getting busy in his studies. WJDY-AM in Salisbury one of the four radio stations he worked on. Others namely were WDMV-AM, in Pocomoke, WSUX-FM in Delaware, Seaford and a radio station based in Ocean city called WKHI-FM.


With so much of experiences in radio-performance made the speaking skills of him well audible and appreciated. Graduating in Bachelor of Science from Salisbury State College, he was all set to his well-deserved television appearance in WMDTY-TV. In 1979 after completion of graduation majored in Mathematics and a start of a career he did not gave up on studies and attended Pennsylvania State University for post Graduation. He without any difficulty acquired his Master’s Degree i8n Meteorology along with thesis analysis and the full-prepared completion of post graduation.


When the first step paved from WEYFF-TV in 1983 working in broadcast until 1989, he got the dream job as a meteorologist in WBOC-TV. Nevertheless, the brave, young, ambitious, good looking as well as highly qualified he had to return to TWC, which took place in 1992. The Weather Channel was a turning point in most of the Weather forecasters as it did its magic to him as well. He had his first coverage in 1996. Edouard was his fist experience as weather reporter which led him to star in several cover stories of natural calamities that followed. Work came as a pleasure for him. He was so dedicated and occupied by the thrills of the dream job, he was totally accustomed to. He appeared in many numerous live shows and game shows. PGA-Tour, National Football League, All Star Baseball and Indianapolis auto race to name the few. He became a talk about weather representative of The Weather Channel; he also got opportunities from many of the well-known Television stations. NBC-TV, ABC-TV, CBS-TV, live coverage from MSNBC is just some of the accomplishments. Apart from it, he also collaborated with FNC and CNN. Thrilling the audience by replacing well-known celebs like Tony Perkins and AL Roker, he created a well profound buzz through Good Morning America and The Today Show.


The replacements and much-created buzz about him gave way to his financial growth as being a sought after Television Personality, the well earned fame and the net worth of salary that came through it was not what the Meteorologist wanted and is not even publicly profiled yet. He was seeking a safer way to prevent the World from the precautions measures and live reporting that could create a campaign for helping the affected areas. He was better recognized when he became the first American Meteorologist in 2012, when he live covered Isaac, the tropical tempest that struck Cuba from August 24 until two days.


Mike Seidel is married and had two children. His wife Christine Schroder tied the knot with him in 1994. The couple named their children Sam and Zoe. The couple is happily married and there seem no turning points whatsoever to split as per now. The well known celebrity of the Television industry keeps his life in privacy and low profiled. The great deeds that comes out of a great human being is publicly notified by the media and that seems enough for him to stay in touch with the nature and his followers. The imfrortations about him can be sought through Wikipedia and his fan page in Facebook anfd Twitter. The complete biography of him is also on web.