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Versatile in the field of professionalism and equally potential of turning a small industry into huge one, Michelle Kosinski is one of the most reputed and huge salary earning reporters based in London. This beautiful blonde-haired lady of American nationality was born on 29 October 1973 in Willingboro Township, New Jersey U.S. and spent her childhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Her mother Jeannette was a chemist and father Robert was a retired biologist of New Jersey department of Environmental Protection.


Kosinski was an attendant of St. Charles Borromeo School. Her brilliance in studies made her graduate with honors in her class. She then was sent to Holy Cross High School where she used to be a cheerleader and was trained for classical ballet. Her prominence in dancing allowed her to display her talent in campus and in the community as a Northwestern University Dance Ensemble (NUDE) member and she also performed with the award winning theater group Piedmont Players as their lead character. Michelle attended Northwestern University and finished her Accelerated Masters Program in journalism with Bachelors and Masters Degree graduation. Beginning her career from WIFR-CBS at Rockford, she initially worked as broadcast journalist. After few years of work with WIFR, she quit the job and moved to Charlotte, New Carolina where she worked with WSOC-TV. Her reporting skill and presentation technique earned her an award of 2001 Best Reporter in Charlotte. Mid of 2001 saw this charming reporter working for WTVJ of Miami. During her professional bonding with WTVJ, she was honored with 2003 Sun Coast Regional Emmy Award Craft for her coverage on Haitian immigrants. In 2005, Kosinski moved to NBC network and stared as an anchor and reporter. The same year she was titled as Woman of the Year by South Florida Women in Communication. She was also spotted at the top of Rolling Stone Magazine on their annual Hot list.


During her professional tenure, she covered the stories on hurricane Katrina aftermath, evacuation of Americans from Cyprus and Lebanon, KGB spy murder in London, Britain serial killing, Virginia tech shootings, Amazon tourism issues, terror attacks in London and Glasgow, Utah mine collapse, the heart taking assassination of Benazir Bhutto, presidential election 2008 and also the reports on swine flu in Mexico. In 2010, Michelle was promoted as foreign correspondent of NBC which made her move to London. She then covered stories on Haiti and Chile earthquake, deepwater horizon oil spill, Chile case against Joran Van der Sloot. The coverage of Sloot case made her walks into various controversies which were later covered by avoiding the coverage of court hearing of the case. She also covered British royal wedding for the channel and is responsible for the report and coverage of Berlusconi trial, European E.Coli outbreak, 2011 London riots, Chernobyl lasting effects, Arab springs, release of American hikers in Iran, Costa Concordia disaster in Italy, DSK scandal of  Paris , Afghanistan war of 2012 and London Olympics. Also involved in charitable organization of Miami, amigos for kids, she volunteered many other organization and charities and was a real impact maker through her nightly news “Making A Difference” series.


This lovely lady of forty years of age is reported to be recently married. Michelle Kosinski husband Kimbell Duncan is a retired investment banker involved in Rush Foundation which coordinates to stop HIV infections in Africa. The couple is reported to have been met in London and got cozy. This beauty with brains was waiting for her right partner for life though she had dated Carlos Hoz de Vina previously. As she has married love of her life, her boyfriend Duncan, there is no any question of divorce. As her spouse was a widower with twins of four year old, Michelle has no any intention of getting pregnant and having children as of now.


With the perfect height of five feet five inches, her beautifully sculpted body stands sexy on her long legs and pretty feet. Dressed professionally with gracious smile of hers, she hides all her flaws in her outfits managing her perfect curves to be noticed among her viewers. Spreading her magic across the globe, this beautiful journalist is said to have huge net worth a she bought $5.6 million home in 2009 and is living a glorious and high society life in London. Amazing on her word skill, she is most followed anchor in social sites and is one of the most read reporters of wiki.