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Born on 1944, Michael D. Barone famed as Michael Barone is one of the brilliant Lawyer, Judgment Novelist and also Historian. He came in to fame after his book The Almanac of American Politics. He also works as Political Debater of American senate election and political change. Barone was born as the son of Surgeon father Charles Gerald “Jerry” Barone and mother Alice Katherine. He after completing his high school degree from Cranbrook School in 1962 did his graduation from Harvard University. He went to Yale Law School to get his Law Degree. In his university days, he worked as trainee for Jerome Cavanagh.

Let us know about his professional life and growth, he in 1972 was believer of George McGovern. Barone works as Senior Political Predictor in Washington Examiner. For Beltway Confidential Blog he writes at least two articles per week. His column writing is famous and appreciated by readers. His articles are managed in national level by Creators Syndicate. He for Fox News Channel works as aider at the time of election in America. He always gives traditional political opinions. He has revealed he doesn’t believe religion but he is kindhearted and humble to traditional believers. As he is settler from Italy, he has given his comment frequently in the topics of immigrant. Apart from this, he is seen in working in the post as Senior Political forecaster, senior writer, Senior Staff Editor, Vice President of Peter D. Hart Research Co. Barone in the presidential election of America guessed the victory of Mitt Romney over Barak Obama. He even predicted the votes but unfortunately Barak Obama won with score of 332 over Romney’s 206. Barone landed himself into controversy after speaking about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as she didn’t terminate her baby who had Down syndrome. After being criticized to full extend, he modified the statement by saying he was joking.  He owns his own private firm namely Barone and Associates which deals with Financial Risk Management, Law suit cases and many more.

Moving on to his personal life, Baron married his wife Joan Shorenstein in 1975. The couple has one child. The couple life was going well but after 10 years of marriage life, his wife passed away due to cancer. After that Barone has not married. He prefers to stay single.

There is no any additional information about Michael Barone. More of the information about him can be found in wiki and in his personal sites. Many of the search engines possess his brief biography. His more interested fans can also follow him in twitter which has become the easiest way to reach out to the desired person.