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Meshach Henry Age, Wiki, Bio: Discover More on Nick Grimshaw’s Boyfriend & Dancer
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Who is Meshach Henry? Well, he is the guy that Nick Grimshaw is currently dating. So technically, he is the boyfriend of Nick Grimshaw.

If you don’t know who Nick Grimshaw is, he is a famous celebrity from England. He works as a television and radio presenter. You can find more about him on his official Wikipedia page.

Meshach Henry Wiki

Meshach Henry is currently unavailable on Wikipedia. But we have gathered some information about our man from some sources.

By profession, Mesach Henry is a dancer. He was a finalist of the BBC Young Dancer competition in the year 2015.

At the present time, Meshach Henry is a star at Rambert. Rambert is one of the world’s leading independent dance company, which is based in London. You can have more information about Rambert here.

Meshach Henry Age: 22 Years

From different sources, we have gathered the information that Meshach Henry is currently 22 years of age. He recently celebrated his 22nd birthday in October of 2018.

At the young age of just 22 years, Meshach has achieved a lot. He is a professional dancer and now, he is the boyfriend of Nick Grimshaw. That is something to have achieved.

Meshach Henry Bio

Currently, there is no information on the internet regarding the life of Meshach Henry, except the one where he has been involved in a relationship with Nick Grimshaw. The information about his personal life is still unknown to the public.

Based on the information we have achieved, we can say that Meshach Henry was born and raised in England. The information about his parents and family members is also an unknown matter.

Nick Grimshaw Boyfriend: Meshach Henry

Recently, Meshach Henry has caught the attention of the public because of his relationship with Nick Grimshaw. Here is some information on their relationship that we have collected from a number of sources on the internet.

According to a source close to Nick Grimshaw, he has been dating Meshach Henry for a number of months. They said the couple have been really enjoying this relationship although it is in its early days at the current time.

The source also told that Nick and Meshach are taking things easy. According to the source, Nick really likes Meshach.

On his 22nd birthday, Nick posted a pic on Instagram where he was naked inside a bathtub. The photo is supposedly taken by Nick Grimm. You can take a look at the pic yourself.j

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• it’s my birthday and I’m very happy

A post shared by mesh (@meshhenry) on

He looks happy enough, although he is not smiling. I would be happy if I got to capture a photo like this.

More about Meshach Henry

That is almost everything that we have been able to gather from the internet regarding Meshach Henry. As we said, his personal life has not been unfolded yet. But we can say that the information about him will gradually come into light as he is now connected to a popular person like Nick Grimshaw.

Other than that, we can say that he has a keen interest in dancing, which is obvious from his career as a professional dancer and because he is a member of Rambert.