Who Is Melanie Pillman? Details Of The Mother Of Professional American Wrestler Brian Pillman Jr

Who Is Melanie Pillman? Details Of The Mother Of Professional American Wrestler Brian Pillman Jr

What is the current age of Melanie Pillman? Find out the tragic history with her husband, Brian. She is also the mother of the wrestler Brian Pillman Jr.

Melanie Pillman is the wife of the popular wrestler Brian Pillman.

Lately, she also became a grandmother with the son of her daughter Brittany. Brittany welcomed the newborn son Asher William Evans.

Brian, her son tweeted about the birth of a niece quoting the baby is already working on a right jab to rearrange Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s jaw.

Melanie is also known among the wrestling community after series of interviews following her divorce with her husband and eventually his death.

Melanie Pillman Age And Wikipedia

Melanie Pillman seems to be around the age of 60 considering the fact that her husband was born in 1962.

Melanie’s latest public appearance was on a Vice documentary titled ‘Dark Side of the Ring’.

The documentary was made two episodes long where they explored the personal life of Melanie, her children, and her husband.

Melanie’s son Brian Pillman Jr. continued the legacy of his father. Brian started out as an independent fighter and still fights independently sporadically. Starting from 2019, he started fighting in All Elite Wrestling.

He is also a recipient of multiple wrestling championships. Due to his success, he also earned a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Melanie Pillman Husband

It is well established above that Melanie Pillman’s husband was the popular wrestler Brian Pillman.

Brian was known for his incredible success in Stampede Wrestling,  World Championship Wrestling,  Extreme Championship Wrestling, and  World Wrestling Federation.

Melanie had three children with her husband, Brian Jr, Skylar King and Brittany. Melanie adopted Brittany as her own daughter as she was her stepmother. Brian, her husband had two kids, Brittany and Danielle prior to their marriage.

Melanie was also the mother of Alexis Michelle Reed and Jesse Morgan prior to their relationship. Alexis was also adopted by her mother’s husband, Brian. Unfortunately, she died a year later.

Melanie’s husband died in 1997 due to a heart attack. His age was 35 at the time.

Melanie with her first child, Alexis.

Melanie Pillman Controversies

Melanie Pillman is also known for her drug and substance abuse.

Many of her kids accused her as a bad parent. Brian Jr. said that he never really had a father to catch a ball and a mother who cared.

In 2017, Brittany claimed that Brian was not the father of Melanie and Brian’s youngest child Skylar King. She said that she was the daughter of a man Melanie married after her husband’s death.

The full playlist of the Vice Documentary is available here.