Who is Melanie Bracewell Partner? Is She Married-Their Age Difference Explored

Who is Melanie Bracewell Partner? Is She Married-Their Age Difference Explored

Melanie Bracewell, a New Zealand performer, has yet to reveal her partner on her social sites. 

Melanie Bracewell is a New Zealand comedian, actor, journalist, and television personality.

Her stand-up humor has made her a big star.

In 2018, Melanie was awarded the Billy T Award in New Zealand.

She is well-known for her stand-up comedy work, and she is also becoming famous for her television and radio appearances.

Melanie Bracewell Partner – Is She Married?

Melanie Bracewell has yet to reveal her partner.

She has not married, according to the source, but is in a personal relationship with someone.

My boyfriend googled my name and “partner” to check if he showed up, and this is the result he got. I’m cackling, she stated on Twitter.

Even though she has not stated who she is dating, a Google search reveals Chris Hemsworth as her companion.

Chris Hemsworth, on the other hand, is already a father. There is no more than friendship between them in terms of their connection.

In addition, she posted a tweet stating that her boyfriend had Googled her partner and found Chris Hemsworth.

Melanie Bracewell Age: How Old Is She?

Melanie Bracewell has reached the age of 26 as of 2021.

She was born in Beach Haven, Auckland, New Zealand, on July 19, 1995. Cancer is her zodiac sign.

Bracewell attended Birkenhead College, where she served as Deputy Head Girl, before going to the University of Auckland to study Communication and Media Studies.

Bracewell started interested in comedy as a child, wrote a comedic blog as a teenager, and eventually progressed into stand-up comedy.

Melanie Bracewell Family

Lynette Bracewell and Rick Bracewell are Melanie Bracewell’s parents.

Melanie had three sisters and two brothers when she was growing up in Beach Haven.

Bracewell is the niece of Test cricketers John and Brendon Bracewell and grew up at Beach Haven on Auckland’s North Shore.

Melanie’s love for comedy began when she was a child, and by the time she was a teenager, she had started writing a comedy blog and then moved on to stand-up comedy.

She is presently co-hosting “The Cheap Seats,” a new comedy show on television, with Tim McDonald.

Melanie Bracewell Net Worth 

Melanie Bracewell is also known as Meladoodle; she is a New Zealand comedian who rose to prominence after winning the 7 Days comedy competition.

She became an official writer for 7 Days and worked on the popular radio station Radio Hauraki’s breakfast show.

Melanie Bracewell is a member of the comedy troupe Comedians. She is worth $3.6M, according to networthlist.org