Meet Kobus Wiese Wife Belinda Wiese. Everything To Know About Her

Meet Kobus Wiese Wife Belinda Wiese. Everything To Know About Her

Kobus Wiese’s heart attack has raised his wife Belinda Wiese and his family’s stress level. Luckily, his condition is stable and out of danger.

Kobus Wiese is a South African Rugby Player. 

His athleticism and sprinting were remarkable. He is the hero of the South African National Rugby Union.

Kobus Wiese was already a popular athlete. He had a heart attack where raised inquiries regarding his health condition. 

As per briefly, he is out of danger. He started to feel strange, the day before he had a heart attack. Thank god, he was rushed to the nearby hospital.

Kobus’s life is an open book; however, there are fewer details on his family and wife. We will try to clear your queries regarding his family. Let us start the discussion with his wife.

Name Belinda Wiese
Age 45-55
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Profession Businesswoman
Married/Single Married
Husband Kobus Wiese
Children 2
Facebook Belinda Wiese

Belinda Wiese Age

Belinda Wiese appears to falls in the age group of 45-55 years old.

The real age of Belinda is not discussed. Similarly, there are no birthday posts relevant to her. 

We went through different online portals but there are fewer images of her. Finally, we landed on her Linkedin profile. 

We made an assumption by looking at her display picture.

Belinda Wiese Family

The details regarding Belinda’s family are not discussed.

She is married to her husband Kobus for a long time. They have a son and daughter. Her son resembles Kobus, while her daughter reflects Belinda.

We went to the site, emielke, and concluded her children lie in the age group of 10-15.

Belinda Wiese Net Worth

The net worth of Belinda Wiese is not discussed. 

However, Belinda is an owner at Belinda Wiese Brokers for more than 12 years. There is no information on her company’s revenue and turnover.

Similarly, her husband has made a fortune throughout his career. We assume Belinda hardly encounters a financial crisis.

Is Belinda Wiese On Instagram?

Belinda Wiese is not on Instagram. 

She is not on Twitter, however, she is on Facebook under the same name. Her account indicates she has been inactive for a long time.