Who Is Maud Druine? Everything To Know About The Actress From The Cast Of Sex Education

Who Is Maud Druine? Everything To Know About The Actress From The Cast Of Sex Education

Find out the role of Maud Druine in the Netflix show Sex Education. Details about the age of the actress and if she has a boyfriend and her Instagram are below.

Maud Druine is a French/British/Asian actress known for Sex Education, Emily in Paris, Chronicles of the Sun, etc.

Druine is one of the most versatile actresses with her fluidity in French, English, both British and America. 

The latest expectant of Druine is the popular Netflix show Sex Education. The show is about a shy kid, Otis Milburn going through adolescence and its tale along with his friends and his sex therapist mother.

Druine plays the role of one of the students in the third episode. The show will be releasing tomorrow, 17th September.

Maud Druine  Age

Maud Druine is of age 22 years old. She was born on 13th January 1999 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Druine’s father is French while her mother is Vietnamese. Before the age of one, the Druine family had readily moved from Vietnam to France. 

A couple of years later, the second Druine child, Maud Druine was born who is of age 19 today.

Ages later, they still make time to travel back to their origin country Vietnam every now and then.

Maud Druine Wikipedia

Maud Druine only recently graduated from the University of Bourgogne. She graduated with two degrees, Language and Practical Assessment.

She also studied for a year at the University of Liverpool. Druine’s debut role was in a TV show called ‘The Boys in the Band’. However, it went uncredited. The first legit role was in the movie Polisse in 2011.

Druine got a bit of recognition after starring in the show Hollyoaks as Katie Rayner. 

Druine also received the prestigious honor of working movies such as The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson and Last Night in Soho by Edgar Wright.

Her latest show is Showtrial which is yet to be released. She is yet to have a breakthrough and hopefully will get it soon enough.

Maud Druine Boyfriend And Instagram

So far, there is no sign of Maud Druine on Instagram.

She is a fairly socially active person on Instagram. As there is no sign of any boyfriend, we can assume her to be single. However, there’s still time for the young age to find a boyfriend

You can follow Druine on Instagram at @maud.drne if you want some high-quality pictures of France and Vietnam.