Mattia Polibio Height, Age, TikTok - How old/How tall is Mattia Polibio?
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Mattia Polibio Height, Age, TikTok – How old/How tall is Mattia Polibio? Mattia Birthday, Parents, Father, Mother, Girlfriend, Dating, and Affairs Read More:-

Mattia Polibio is one of the most hit TikTok stars around the world. He is from Totowa, New Jersey. Italian descent Mattia has nearly 1 Million fans on Tiktok making him one of the most liked TikTok users in the world.

With the growing numbers of fans and fame, we can say that he is not going to lose his popularity for some time from now. Furthermore, his lip sync videos, duets and comedy videos on Tiktok are delights to watch for his fans.

How tall is Mattia Polibio?

There’s no doubt that tiktok sensation, Mattia has a great height. From his pictures on his social media sites, we can guess that he must be one tall guy in the group of his friends.

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Although we don’t know how tall he exactly is, we assume that he has a height as tall as 5 feet and 8 inches.

Mattia Polibio is at the 16th year of his age


Only at his teenage, Mattia has become a web sensation. Nonetheless, only people on TikTok know him as of now. But considering the global popularity of TikTok, who knows where his fame will reach in the future. This 16-year-old web star is at the peak of his teenage and is experiencing love from a huge fandom. He was born on May 16, 2003.

Mattia Polibio’s TikTok career started in 2018

At present, almost all of you know the craze of TikTok among youngsters, especially teenagers. Even when one is not a TikTok user, he/she cannot stay untouched by its presence. All of us have seen the TikTok videos popping out on our Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube.

Some videos might be utterly ridiculous for adults while the teenagers seem to be enjoying the social media more than anything.

Like many other teenagers globally, Mattia is also fond of the activities on TikTok. He is not only a TikTok user, but he is also a TikTok user with a massive fan following. According to famous birthdays, he started his posting videos on TikTok back in November of 2018.

At the start, he used to post duets, with other tiktok users, but with the span of time, he started posting single acts. His acts include lip syncs, comedies, collaboration fellow tiktokers, and duets as well.

He has posted a lot of videos on TikTok. Approximately, he has over 940,000 fans on TikToks along with more than 39,000 likes for his account. Almost all of his posts get more than 100,000 likes. The first video that gained 100,000 likes was “we’re 100% straight, don’t get it twisted”. 

Mattia’s TikTok account is under is own name, @mattiapolibio. If you’re a TikTok fan, you should follow this young lad, right away, so that you wouldn’t miss the fun he has to offer. People who have already followed him seem to have enjoyed his posts.

Along with TikTok, he also uses Instagram. He has a large number of followers even on his personal Instagram. His followers have already reached to more than 207,000 in number. But, he doesn’t post much on his Instagram.