Who Is Matthew Ebden Wife Kim Doig? Age Bio Net Worth Explored

Who Is Matthew Ebden Wife Kim Doig? Age Bio Net Worth Explored

Matthew Ebden’s wife is Kim Doig. Matthew is an Australian professional tennis player who was born in South Africa.

Ebden’s career highlights thus far include a bronze medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, quarterfinal participation at the 2011 Shanghai Rolex Masters.

Not only that it also holds a triumph with Jarmila Gajdoová in the 2013 Australian Open mixed doubles.

Ebden has four ATP doubles championships to his name.

Who Is Matthew Ebden Wife Kim Doig? 

Matthew Ebden’s wife Kim Doig, is a lawyer. The couple got married on 16 November 2012, in Margaret River, Western Australia.

Nothing much about Kim is known to the world as of now. However, it is known that she is a great partner to her husband.

Ebden and Kim, who have been together for six years, said they were overjoyed to have all of their closest friends and family present to celebrate the event.

From 2013, Kim took a leave of absence from her law practice to join Ebden on the road, assisting him with his day-to-day operations.

Having previously spent most of their time apart owing to Ebden’s travel and playing obligations, he wanted to spend time with Kim. 

He indicated that spending time on tour with Kim would relieve some of the tension in their relationship and allow him to focus entirely on his tennis.

It is all thanks to Kim that Matthew got to focus on his career making him one of the best players in the world. 

Kim Doig Age: How Old Is She?

 Kim Doig’s age is yet to be revealed. However, as per our estimation, she may be around 30-35 years old as of 2021.

As Matthew is 34 years of age, it is likely that she is at the same level as him. Not only that, they don’t seem to have a drastic age gap.

However, it is unsure whether the reason for them looking so young is because of their continuous exercise and workouts. 

Know More About Kim Doig: Her Bio

Talking about Kim Doig”s bio, nothing much about her birth and her parents is known to the world as of now. Doig seems to have been born and raised in  Australia. 

Judging by her name, it is safe to say that she is a Korean descendent. It is rare that aboriginal Australians to have such a surname. 

Other than that, she is a successful lawyer. 

Kim Doig Net Worth Explored

As Kim Doig is a lawyer, it is sure that her net worth is much more than we can imagine. Other than that, the lawyers typically earn around AUD750- AUD900 thousand.

As Matthew is a successful player, Kim must live a comfortable life.

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