Who Is Matthew Barrett? Learn Everything About Leo Varadkar Partner

Who Is Matthew Barrett? Learn Everything About Leo Varadkar Partner

Get to know Matthew Barrett, the husband of the vice president of Ireland, Leo Varadkar and all about his age, family and interestingly how tall is he? all the details are presented below

Matthew Barrett is a cardiovascular doctor although popular as the first gay couple in the Irish governement.

Matthew’s husband Leo is Indian/Irish who served as vice president, Minister of Defence, Enterprise and so on. He is also Ireland’s first gay leader ever.

Both of them are known for making public appearances in the crowd in an attempt to be open about their relationship. 

Matthew Barrett Age Details

Matthew Barrett seems to be age 35-40 years old. We can estimate his age on the basis of his husband’s age, which is 42 years old.

Leo Varadkar was born in Dublin on 1979 18th January. Visually, we can see that the age difference could be a bit more than five years old.

Barrett completed his medical degree in 2009 from  UCD School of Medicine and two years later, his MRCPI. This could put his age into perspective. 

As a young age kid, Barrett grew up in a household where both of his parents were teachers. 

Matthew Barrett Husband Revealed

Technically, we cannot call Matthew Barrett and Leo Varadkar husbands.

Which is ironic considering Varadkar played a major role in legalising same-sex marriage. The couple started dating sometime before 2015. The then vice president Varadkar revealed his homosexuality on RTÉ Radio in 2015. 

Ever since we can see them together on international visits to various countries, government feasts, parades, rallies, festivals and so on. They are also known as the ‘cool gay couple’ for their informal appearances despite their social status.

Hopefully, both of them take the vows as husbands as entire Ireland is waiting for them. 

Matthew Barrett Family: Who Are His Parents?

Matthew Barrett belongs to the native Irish family while his partner Varadkar’s father was Indian and his mother, Irish.

Varadkar’s father immigrated to England from India and the family lived in the UK for a while. Leo also has two elder siblings, Sophie and Sonia. They, later on, moved to Dublin where they settled for.

Both of their family is supportive towards their son’s homosexuality and are good friends as well.

Find Matthew Barrett On Instagram

Matthew Barrett is not on Instagram, unfortunately. He is on Twitter, however.

Matthew and Leo started going public on social media relationships earlier this year. Prior to this, neither of them talked about their love life on Instagram or elsewhere.

Matthew’s Twitter bio sarcastically reads as ‘Not Leo Varadkar’s partner’. You can follow him on Twitter at @MBarrettCH