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Mathew Valenzuela is a Gen-Z social media fame, who received popularity through his Tik Tok as well as Instagram account. As a matter of fact, teenagers mostly know him for his entertaining Tik Tok contents.

Not to mention, he is only one from a number of Tik Tok superstars. Alongside being a Tik Tok fame, he is also a model on Instagram.

Mathew Valenzuela was born on 21 April 2005. He is only 14 years old but has received immense popularity at such a young age.

Besides, his Tik Tok and Instagram accounts have made him famous among youths, especially young girls. But, this young man is a fan of a special girl in his life. Mathew is dating his fellow Tik Tok star. And, he seems to be very happy in his relationship for now.

Mathew Valenzuela is Dating Girlfriend Hazel

Mathew Valenzuela is open about his relationship with his girlfriend, Hazel. They have been dating for a month and are vocal about their relationship.

But, who is Hazel? Let’s dig into the details about Matthew’s girlfriend.

Just like Mathew, Hazel is also a Tik Tok star but she is known by the name, prettyluhazel on social media.

She hails from San Antonio, Texas and is 13 years old at the present time. She is also a great dancer alongside being a Tik Tok star.

Hazel has over 118 thousand followers on her Tik Tok account and 255 thousand followers on her Instagram until this date.

This certainly could be surprising that Mathew-14 and Hazel-13 are dating. But it is what it is and the young couple seems to be so in love right now. However, as to when and how they fell in love remains a mystery.

While Mathew displays his love for his girl on his Instagram, Hazel is quite private about her feelings. Or, let’s say that she does not like to express her love for Mathew over social media.

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Mathew Valenzuela is 14 Years Old in 2020- Age and Birthday

Mathew Valenzuela’s age is just 14 years old.

In fact, Mathew Valenzuela has his birthday on 21 April every year. In fact, he was born in 2005. All thanks to social media, especially Tik Tok that he is a famous personality at such a young age.

Mathew was born in New Braunfels, Texas. But, he grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He also has a younger brother whose identity has not been revealed yet.

Mathew’s Height facts

As a matter of fact, Mathew Valenzuela has an average height like most of the 14-year-old American guy. However, the actual height details of this young man are unavailable on the internet.

Still, it will be safe to say that, Mathew is good-looking and has the charm to attract many. He has a lean-built body. Besides, the sharp jawlines, curly brown hair, and great smile are enough to make anyone fall for his appearance.

Mathew Valenzuela Net Worth and Merch Details

Matthew Valenzuela is yet to disclose his net worth and Merch Details. But, considering his Tik Tok popularity we can guess that he certainly must have started his own Merch like many other social media stars.

Mathew has a huge number of fans who are ready to do anything for this web star. So, buying his Merch won’t be a big deal for his die-heart fans.

Mathew has a verified Tik Tok account under the name, mathhhhhew. He has over 849 thousand followers over the platform. Likewise, he has over 333 thousand followers on his self titled Instagram account,