Mark Lifman Wife: Who Is The Businessman And Gangster Married To?

Mark Lifman Wife: Who Is The Businessman And Gangster Married To?

Who is Mark Lifman wife? Let’s take a look at South African gangster/businessman’s married and dating life.

Mark Lifman is a businessman who’s also involved in gangster activities. He is finally facing some legal actions.

Mark has been accused of several charges including murder, rape, etc.

It is also a well-known fact that Lifman runs one of the major cartels in South Africa. South African Revenue Service (SARS) finally took some action and has fined him a huge bill.

Name Mark Lifman
Birthday May 19
Age 53
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Profession Businessman
Married/Single Under Review

Mark Lifman Wife And Age

Many have shown interest in Mark Lifman’s wife and his personal life.

But, like most gangsters, Lifman does not enjoy sharing any of his personal details as it can impose danger on their family. We cannot confirm with any rumors regarding Lifman’s wife and his personal life.

However, Mark has shared one detail of his life, his birthday. He was born on 19th May 1967.

Hence, Lifman’s age is 53 years old. He is soon going to be 54 years old in a couple of days.

Mark Lifman Net Worth

Mark Lifman is a very wealthy person; however, his net worth has not been shared with the public.

Mark has been fined 388 Million Rand fine in his recent fight with SARS, which he lost. He had to sell some of his assets, including four Larney cars, two other exotic cars, two Porsche Cayennes, and two Lexus model cars.

Lifman also had to sell his huge mansion and other few properties. Mark has about one hundred accounts in several banks used for his business portfolios. He also has multiple real estate and nightclubs.

Mark Lifman Wiki: Is He Arrested?

Mark Lifman, the gangster and business is not arrested as of now. 

However, he still has to pay the massive tax fine which can lead to further legal issues if not paid.

Mark Lifman was a partner with the Russian businessman Yuri Ulianitski who was killed in a gun shoot-out.

Yuri’s widowed wife filed a case against Lifman claiming Lifman was holding Yuri’s part of the business shares. Mark responded that Yuri owed him a lot of gambling debts. 

Lifman has appeared in South Africa very often as he owns many business ventures, fashion companies, and nightclubs which often result in illegal activity happening.

Mark’s accusations have not been proved in court. Many people resent the judiciary system for the decisions.

You can take a look at the website Mark Lifman. The site is not run by Lifman in the present. Lifman sold the domain and is currently used for public forums regarding Lifman.