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Mark Grossman Actor Wife or Girlfriend, Is He Married? Bio and Wiki
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The American actor Mark Grossman is famous for his acting skills that he displayed in a number of movies and TV Series. He has appeared in works like Maybe Tomorrow, Silent Hill Internal Prison, Seven Hours in Heaven and Cowboy Zombies among others.

If we talk about his married life and relationship, he is currently married with children.ย  I think it’s better if I discuss it in the coming section.

Mark Grossman Actor Wife or Girlfriend, Is He Married?

As we have already discussed, Mark is married and is the proud father of two children. However, the marriage took place a considerably long time ago.

So, according to the information that we have, Mark married Carolina Bermudez. If you don’t know Carolina, she is a famous radio representer from America.

As we have come to know from different sources, the couple wed in the year 2012. Moreover, the news tells us that the marriage took place after a certain period of dating.

Subsequently, Carolina is a graduate from Arizona State University. In addition to that, she is also an employee at WKTU. Now you must be wondering what the hell WKTU is.

Well, we have already told you that Carolina is a famous radio representer. So it’s obvious that she works at some radio station or something of that sort. And WKTU is a similar place.

Currently, the American actor’s wife is 41 years of age. Now that’s 8 years more than that of her husband. But, who cares about age. After all, that’s just a number.

After reading all this, I think that you have the answer to the question. So move on to the next section for more information.


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Okay. Now let’s just talk about some basic stuff about Mark Grossman. Before that, let me just tell you that there is no official Wikipedia that links us to Mark. Despite that, there are different sources that have enough information about him.

So, talking about Mark, he is a famous movie and television actor from America. According to the available information, he was born in Columbia. However, later he moved to Phoenix Arizona. In addition to that, he has also experienced some time in Los Angeles.

Now’ here’s an interesting thing about Mark I bet you didn’t know. Did you know that he is also a semi-pro motocross racer? Well, his true fans would know the fact. But I can’t say about everyone else.

Anyways, he started performing in plays at a young age. And ass soon as he got out of high school, he began his acting career.

Since then, he has worked in a number of movies and television series. Some of his notable works include Maybe Tomorrow, Silent Hill Internal Prion, Seven Hours in Heaven and Cowboy Zombies. Apart from this, he also worked as a model.

Quick Bio

Name: Mark Grossman
Profession: Actor
Birthday: February 3, 1897
Age: 33 years
Birthplace: Colombia, Maryland, USA
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Relationship Status: Married
Wife: Carolina Bermudez
Children: 2 (Noah and Asher)
Social Media: Instagram (mgrossman18), Twitter (Mark Grossman)