Marijana Veljovic Married, Age, Bio, Born, Wiki, Husband, Instagram Pics
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Gorgeous and young Marijana Veljovic is one of the few popular female tennis umpires in the world.

If there’s something sports is certain to guarantee, it would be fame and money. People around the world are just so crazy for athletes. Similarly, it’s often to over-throw them as well.

While players are worship across the globe, what’s the scene with other officials like managers and umpires.

Speaking of Marijana, she seems to enjoy a huge fandom, recently. She works on the tennis tour. It must be hard for any female umpires to handle the pressure and intensity of the crowd. In fact, while several cameras are rolling at you, you need to careful with what you say and how you communicate.

However, this gorgeous lady makes it all look so simple no the court. Well, she isn’t regarded as one of the best female umpires in the business for nothing.

While she has managed to give her best while the cameras are rolling, what about when the cameras aren’t around. For any celebrity, it’s normal to have their personal life under media scrutiny. Likewise, the same is the case with Marijana Veljovic.

So, what’s her play?

Is Marijana Veljovic Married?

The gorgeous tennis umpire barely open up her love life and affairs in public. Seems like she enjoys a tight-knit personal affair.

She is rarely seen with any counter-parts in public, as well. All these hints that the lady is currently enjoying her singlehood.

How Old is the Female Tennis Umpire in 2019? Her Age


Marijana falls in the list of the top 15 female umpires in the world. Despite her fame and popularity, the female umpire lives a private life.

The lady is yet to have her name in Wikipedia. This puts the details of her age and early life under the wraps to date. Still, you have something for you. Back in November 2018, tagged her as a 30-year-old lady.

This means Marijana could still be 30 years old or 31.

In general most of the professional umpires are around or above 40. It’s an impressive feat for the young lady. Well, she is an inevitable part of the rising professional umpires around the world. Way to go gorgeous.

Bio/ Wiki: Marijana Veljovic

Born in Serbia to Serbian parents, Marijana Veljovic is a professional tennis umpire.

She turned to the tennis scene in her 20s. In an article published on back in July 2018, Marijana is active as a professional umpire for the last 11 years.

As of now, she has umpired several professional games including eight Wimbledon. Her first pro tennis event was the International Tennis Federation event held in Serbia. She made a whopping $10 thousand for her first event.

On account of her fame, she could be making a colossal sum. She is worth thousands of US dollars, as of 2019.

Is She Active on Instagram? Her Instagram Pics

Looking at Marijana’s fame, we wouldn’t want to believe that she doesn’t have an official Instagram page, yet.

While we might have to wait to have her Instagram pics, you can catch her on YouTube videos and tennis’ official website.