Who Is Tim Finn’s Wife Marie Azcona? Everything To Know

Who Is Tim Finn’s Wife Marie Azcona? Everything To Know

Marie Azcona is the wife of famous singer and musician Tim Finn, and she is a very low-light person, so read the article below to know more about her. 

Marie and Tim have been married for a very long time. 

Tim Finn’s full name is Brian Timothy Finn, and he is a very famous name in the music industry. 

Furthermore, His career began to take shape in the 1970s from the rock group Split Enz. 68-year-old Finn joined hands with his brother to form the Finn brothers. 

Who Is Tim Finn Wife Marie Azcona?

Tim Finn’s wife Marie Azcona is a television presenter.

But she got famous because of her relationship with her star husband, Tim. 

They have a very long and blessing relationship of over 20 years. 

Moreover, The couple got married in 1997, with not much information available about their wedding. 

Both Tim and Marie share two children. But as of now, the names are not available. 

Marie Azcona Age: How Old Is She?

Marie Azcona’s age is around 35-45 years old. 

Marie is much younger than her husband, but she has not revealed her exact age. 

She has not revealed her birthplace and is very conscious about the information given to the public. 

Marie Azcona Wikipedia Explored

Marie Azcona doesn’t have a Wikipedia page like her husband. 

But she has a small spot over her husband’s Wikipedia. 

Marie used to work formerly on MTV and TVNZ One’s music week.

She seems to be working with her husband on his music videos. 

She has also appeared in many songs, and some were featured on Steel City.

Steel City is the dance show that Finn wrote while he was young. 

What Is Marie Azcona Net Worth? 

Marie Azcona’s net worth is kept as a mystery that is needed to be solved.

Although, her husband’s net worth is specified to be around 25 million dollars.

Finn is Marie’s husband, so we can say that they share this net worth with their children. 

Meet Marie Azcona On Instagram

Marie Azcona is too cautious of her privacy, and so she has not revealed about her Instagram handle. 

She is also not seen on any other social media.

She is not open to public communication a lot and likes to remain silent. 

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