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Manuela Escobar Wiki, Age (Pablo Escobar’s Daughter) Bio, Husband
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Pablo Escobar is known to be the greatest drug dealer and narcoterrorist in the history of mankind. The Columbian narcoterrorist and drug lord supplied nearly 80% of the drug to be smuggled into the US resulting in an annual income of over $21.9 billion during the height of his career.

Born as the only daughter of the cocaine lord who burnt $2 million cash just to help his family avoid cold, without a doubt Manuela Escobar had a life on roses.

Manuela Escobar’s father Pablo has been in the tabloids a number of times. But after the release of the 2007 documentary Pablo Escobar: The King of Coke by National Geographic Channel, his family members have been in the center of media scrutiny for a long now.

Wondering what his daughter, Manuela Escobar does these days. Let’s find out.

Pablo Escobar’s Daughter Manuela Escobar Wiki

Manuela Escobar was born as the only daughter born to drug lord Pablo Escobar and his only wife Maria Victoria Henaoas in Colombia.

Pablo and Maria had two children Juan Escobar and Manuela. Her brother Juan later changed to Sebastian Marroquin.

Born to the biggest drug dealer of all time, Manuela was surely raised like a princess. Her father had an estimated net worth $30 billion in the 90s and was the wealthiest criminal in history.

Apart from her father’s criminal side, Pablo is also known to be an ideal family man and has never failed to express his love for his children and his wife.

During one of her birthdays, Manuela asked for a unicorn as her birthday gift and Pablo even asked his man to make the arrangements for a unicorn.

If this seems to be not a big deal for Pablo, he even burnt $2 million in cash just to avoid cold. While Pablo was named a fugitive, he and his family took shelter in Medellin mountains and the uncanny atmosphere made Manuela fall sick. To keep his princess warm, Pablo burnt money like it was nothing but only a stack of papers.

However, the luxurious life didn’t walk long with Manuela. After her father was assassinated, the family had to struggle on their own to make a living and her father’s billions couldn’t lend a hand.

Pablo was shot dead on 2 December 1993 and the time for Manuela to be raised as a princess was long gone. She and her family had to travel from countries to countries to escape from her father’s enemies. As per sources, they took asylum in countries including Ecuador, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, and Mozambique. They finally settled in Argentian and with new names.

Manuela Escobar Age

Manuela Escobar was born in the year 1984 and her birthday falls on the 25th of May. She is 34 years of age at present.

Manuela isn’t active on any social pages. She was last active on Twitter back in 2013.

Manuela Escobar Husband

Manuela Escobar who goes by the name Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos has lived a low-key life after her family had to struggle a lot to make a living. She lives separately from her mother and her brother.

It’s unknown whether Manuela is a married woman or is currently enjoying a low-key love life.