Mahmud Jamal Wife And Wikipedia: Everything About The Judge

Mahmud Jamal Wife And Wikipedia: Everything About The Judge

The first person of color to be nominated to the Supreme Court of Canada, Mahmud Jamal is happily married to his wife, Goleta.

The Ontario Court of Appeal judge since 2019, Mahmud has made news headlines as he was nominated to the Supreme Court of Canada on 17 June 2021.

In his announcement tweet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned that Mahmud will be a valuable asset to the Supreme Court and, hence, came the historic nomination to the country’s highest court.

Jamal must still be appraised by the House of Commons justice committee which is simply a formality.

Who Is Mahmud Jamal’s Wife?

Originally a Muslim, Mahmud is married to his wife Goleta.

He switched to follow the Baha’i religion which is what his wife had been following as he loved the faith that the Baha’i religion taught.

As a child, he was taught in school as a Christian, raised at home as a Muslim.

Goleta had immigrated to Canada from Iran escaping the persecution of the Baha’i religious minority during the 1979 revolution.

Mahmud and Goleta together have two children.

How Old Is Mahmud Jamal?

Canadian lawyer-judge Mahmud Jamal’s age is around 54 years old as he was born in the year 1967.

He was born in Nairobi, Kenya to his Indian parents who come from an Isma’ili family.

He was raised in Britain and later shifted to Canada in 1981.

Jamal says that the hybrid religious and cultural upbringing that he has experienced in Canada has exposed to him some of the challenges and aspirations of immigrants, religious minorities, and racialized people.

What Does Mahmud Jamal’s Wikipedia Bio Say?

Mahmud has made it on Wiki page where he is introduced as a lawyer and judge to be sitting on the country’s top court.

As appointed by former Governor-General of Canada, Julie Payette, Jamal will replace the nine-person court’s longest-serving justice Rosalie Abella whose retirement is due 1 July as he turns the retirement age of 75.

Mahmud has appeared in 35 appeals before the Supreme Court to date and has previously taught at two of Canada’s top law schools.

He has also been a litigator for two decades. He is a bilingual who can speak English and French fluently.

What Is Mahmud Jamal Salary?

Honorable Mahmud’s salary is under review.

As appointed to the Canadian Supreme Court, he will be earning $373k per annum.

Is Mahmud Jamal On Instagram?

Mahmud seems like a reserved person and hence away from social media.

We don’t find any account on his name on Instagram.

In fact, Mahmud Jamal isn’t seen on many of the mainstream social platforms.

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