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The vibrantly beautiful and deliberately talented, Lorena Ochoa is a contemporary professional golfer well known for her captivating performances in worldwide golfing tournaments. She with her hot and scintillating presence in the field has maintained a superlative persona in the game of golfing. Being in the ytop of the ranks and having a reign for over three yes has made her a successful personality of the game. Originally, from Mexico, she is considered as the best golfer ever of Mexico and of the rest of the world. She has an influential affirmation in her regards and will ever be remembered as the best of the class in the history of golfing.


She felt the first verse of life from Guadalaraja of Mexico in November 15, 1981. Her family depended on real estate and art and she was among the third of four children in the family. She had a very early interest in the sport of golfing and was so passionate about it that she eventually started playing golf when she was just five years old. Eventually after her start, she was a winner when she was six years old in her first state event followed by a win in her first national event debut when she got seven years old. As an amateur golfer with a start of a career in such a tender age, she was distinguished and well qualified to play golf with winning campaign that followed. She had in her acclaim 22 state events and 44 national events.  Winning five times while performing in Junior World Golf Championships, she made an undeniable mark with a well-achieved fame in a very short period. Her studies did not get affected with her indulgence in the sporting faculty as she attended University of Arizona with scholarship based on her golfing career. Being holder of Mexican nationality, she was little weak in English which she recovered by getting much more attention to specialize in the language through movies and tuition practices. Even in her college days she won different tournaments and got awarded by NCCA Player of the ear in 2001 and 2002, Pac-10 Freshman/Newcomer of the Year and All Pac-10 First team in 2001. Her triumphs got more successive as she won eight out of ten championships she competed in. Vincente Fox, Mexican President honored her with National Sports Award for her achievements in golf. She was a proud recipient of NCCA Division I Women’s Golf Most Outstanding Student Athlete, followed by ban honorary acclaim of Nancy Lopez Award in 2003.


However the very talented and vivaciously skilled Ochoa did just two years of college attendance, she turned to profession al golfing very shortly after her achievements as an amateur. After playing professional golfing, she won three out of ten events she participated on in the year 2002 performing at the Future’s Tour. Her outstanding career in professional golfing has many awards and achievements in her regards, which consists of 30 wins. The winning campaigns include Franklin American Mortgage Championship in May of 2004, Wachovia LPGA Classic in August of 2004, Wegmans Rochester LPGA in June of 2005, LPGA Takefuji Classic in April of 2006, Sybase Classic in May of 2006, Wendy’s Championship for Children in August of 2006, Corona Morelia Championship in October of 2006, Samsung World Championship and The Mitchell Company Tournament of Champions in 2006. Apart from it the Safeway International, Ricoh Women’s British Open, CN Canadian Women’s Open Championship, ADT Championship, HSBC women’s Champion, Kraft Nabisco Championship, Ginn Open and Honda LPGA Thailand to name the few.


Her undefeatable achievements has turned her to be the most successful golfer of the history making her the only golfer to have achieved the earnings above $4,000,000 in one single season and her net worth unbelievably high to sky limits. For her victories and acknowledgements she also has been honored as Futures Rookie of the Year in 2002, Futures Tour Player of the Year the same year, LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year in  2003, LPGA Tour Player of the Year from 2006 to 2009 consecutively, LPGA Vare Trophy from 2006 to 2009, Health Farr Player Award in 2007 and Bob Jones Award in 2011.


Lorena Ochoa, the super successful diva of golfing with vibrant smile and personality and a hot physique got married to Andres Conesa Labastida in 2009. The diva standing 5.6 feet tall is happily married and not in any verge of divorce. She is a dedicated wife and has no affairs with anybody else than her husband. She does not have any children yet as she is not reported to have been pregnant so far. The skilled diva well known for her influential golf swing looks hot in any outfit be it formal or bikini wear. Much about her bio can be found in wiki and other internet sites.