Who Is Lopini Vatuvei? Everything To Know About Manu Vatuvei Brother

Who Is Lopini Vatuvei? Everything To Know About Manu Vatuvei Brother

Manu Vatuvei’s older brother, Lopini Vatuvei, has been a strong supporter of his younger brother. Let’s find out.

Lopini Vatuvei is a boxer who has appeared on television and has fought many great boxers. 

Lopini has defeated many boxers in his career, and now he does it for fun.

He was charged with a series of methamphetamine charges.

Furthermore, Manu has recently revealed himself as a sportsman charged with importing methamphetamine and possessing and importing the Class A drug.

He has denied the charges filed in December 2019. Just days before the charges were set to expire, Vatuvei posted a video on Instagram informing his followers of the charges.

Manu confessed that he wanted to release his burden that had been weighing him down for a long time and wanted to fight for his innocence on these charges.

Name Lopini Vatuvei
Birthday November 25
Age 35-40
Gender Male
Nationality New Zealanders
Profession Boxer
Married/Single Married
Instagram @lopinivatuvei

Lopini Vatuvei Age: How Old Is He?

Lopini Vatuvei seems to be between the ages of 35 and 40 years old.

It’s just a guess based on Lopini pictures and his younger brother Manu Vatuvei, 35 years old.

On the other hand, Manu wished Lopini a happy birthday on Instagram and posted it on November 25. So, we believe his birth month is that, but his age remains unknown for the time being.

Lopini Vatuvei Wiki And Net Worth

Manu Vatuvei has not been featured on the Wikipedia site yet.

Though he has not accomplished much in his life and is mainly known through his brother’s fame.

Lopini Vatuvei’s net worth has not been estimated to date.

Lopini Vatuvei Wife- Is He Married?

Even though Lopini Vatuvei has yet to mention his wife.

Even so, based on his Instagram profile picture, he appears to have included a photo of his daughter.

However, we are uncertain about his personal information because there is little information about him on the internet, and his Instagram account is also private.