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Look Jack Stirrup Girlfriend Instagram, Find His Age, Height, Wiki, Bio Now
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Jack Stirrup is someone you need to know if you have a thing for guys with curly hair and a smooth accent. Moreover, you need to know him if you watch Below Deck Mediterranean, a reality television show on Bravo TV in America. At present, this show is in its 4th season. The fourth season started o June 3, 2019.

Jack has been popular in the show because of his charm among women. Besides being charming, he is intelligent and is an engineer in the Merchant Navy by profession.

Is Jack Stirrup in a relationship?

Well, we do not know if he is dating someone in real or not. But, his closeness with fellow yacht member, Aesha Scott is visible in the show. The duo looks inseparable and they seem to be infatuated towards each other. Only a week ago, Aesha even moved in with Jack to his room in the show.

However, none of them have accepted being in a relationship. While the fans wish for their togetherness, the two continue to contribute to the show.

Jack Stirrup on Instagram

Do you believe? Jack Stirrup is not active on Instagram.

This is true that Jack is not on Instagram. Some sources say that he used to be on Instagram as @jackstirrup653. However, we were not able to find him at present.

But if you want to look at his rumored girlfriend, Aesha Scott’s Instagram, she is in there as @aesha_jean. Surprisingly, even if they are partners according to rumors, Aesha has not posted a picture with Jack.

How old is Jack?

Needless to say, Jack likes o keep his personal life unreachable. Thus, we have no idea about his age. But looking at him, we can predict that he could be in his late 20s or early 30s.

Jack looks quite tall

Although there are not enough information and pictures to predict Jack’s bodily features, we can assume from what we have seen.

Jack has a well-built body and he looks quite tall. We are sure his height is not less than 5 feet and 9 inches. His body and his height are complementary to each other. The well-built physique is certainly a plus point for him.

Jack Stirrup: His Wiki and Bio

Jack is a very secret person in regard to his personal life. He was born and raised in Liverpool. He has done engineering for his academics. Following this, he started working as a Navy Engineer. This way, he spends most of his time on the yacht. he travels a lot between France and Italy.

According to the show, he is a charmer. He does not like to work much but he is smart enough to hide this trait through his charm in the show.

Despite being a charmer, he went through a phase in the show. After being drunk, he verbally joked about rape which put him in deep guilt. He had joked about this with Aesha Scott which made her extremely mad. However, Jack later apologized for this soon after realizing the mistake.