How Old is Londyn Wilburn? Here’s Everything About The Future Daughter

How Old is Londyn Wilburn? Here’s Everything About The Future Daughter

Do you know how old Londyn Wilburn is? You can see further information about the age, parents, siblings, and Instagram profile of Future’s daughter Londyn Wilburn by continuing to read the article.

Londyn Wilburn is the oldest daughter of Future, and her mother is India Jai.

Wilburn is arguably Future’s favorite child, based on the rapper’s constant sharing of her pictures. She was the red carpet date of Future at a few events over the last several years and looks glad to stick with his renowned father. 

Londyn Wilburn Age – How Old Is She?

Londyn Wilburn was born on March 19, 2009, in the United States, so as of 2021, her age is 12.

She was born from her father’s relationship with her mother, India J. her birth sign is Pisces, according to her date of birth,

As his date for the 2017 BET prize, the rapper brought back his daughter Londyn. According to an Instagram account attributed to Londyn’s name, she loves Disneyland, Doritos at the beach, and spending time with her family. 

Londyn Wilburn Parents and Siblings

Londyn Wilburn’s parents are; Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, better known as Future, She is one of the biggest rappers in the world, and her mother is India J. 

India J and the rapper did not work out after a few years of staying together, but it did not affect Londyn’s relationship with Future.

Currently, the 12-year-old lives with her mother. Londyn has spent more time with the rapper than most of her step-siblings, even though it is unknown whether they have a co-parenting agreement.

Additionally, her Instagram bio suggests she respects her father more than her step-brother, Jakobi.

Curiously, India Jai never sued the child support rapper or any other duty linked to him. India J likes privacy, unlike Future’s other former Future’s girlfriends. Because of her attitude to privacy, Future frequently compliments her on Twitter.

From her father’s side, she has five half-siblings. On her mother’s side, she also has a brother named King Jai. According to her Instagram, she is very friendly to all of her half-siblings.

One of Londyn’s father’s baby’s mothers, Brittni Mealy, including her mother, India Jai, is shown in a picture posted on her Instagram.

Meet Londyn Wilburn On Instagram

Londyn Wilburn has an instagram account named @londynhendrix on Instagram.

She has shared a lot of pictures of her enjoying with her siblings and parents. She currently has 985 followers and 52 posts.