Who Is Lionel Richie Current Wife? Everything To Know About His Past Relationship

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Fans are curious about Lionel Richie's current wife as they wonder if the singer has a lover at the present time.

Lionel Richie is an American singer-songwriter who needs little to no introduction.

After rising to the top of the music industry with his hit singles, Richie has become the face of music on various occasions.

Not only as a singer but Lionel is also well known for being the judge of the American Idol since 2018 as well as for various appearances in other programs.

With millions of fans all around the globe, he is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry.

Being such a massive name, many people follow him closely and are well updated about his personal life.

In an attempt to get to know him better, several people are wondering about his present love life as they question if the singer has a wife at the moment.

Who Is Lionel Richie Current Wife? Relationship Explored

Lionel Richie doesn't have a wife at the present time but he is together with his girlfriend, Lisa Parigi, for at least eight years.

He has restrained himself from tying the knot for the third time after his two previous marriage relationships came to an end.

But although Richie is not married, he is together with his love partner for a pretty long time.

Parigi, who is 40 years older than the singer, has been with the man for almost a decade.

Their relationship was officially revealed in 2014 but they became close sometime earlier than that.

Since their relationship began, the couple is usually seen in some major events but is not a frequent pair in the media coverage.

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Lionel Richie Past Relationship Timeline And Married Life Explored

Talking about Lionel Richie's past relationship timeline, he was married twice but both of them failed.

He first tied the knot with his college sweetheart, Brenda Harvey, in 1975. They didn't have a child of their own but adopted a daughter named Nicole Richie.

The couple stayed together for around 18 years before finalizing a divorce in 1993.

After the separation from his first spouse, Lionel tied the knot with Diane Alexander.

Richie and Diane have a son and a daughter together but that relationship also didn't last long as they split in 2004.

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