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The 2013 onwards freshly pretty face of ABC News is personified by splendidly gifted TV journo Linzie Janis. She befalls to be the erstwhile news reporter associated with CNN International and London situated Bloomberg Television. She currently serves the ABC News with the anchoring at several news programs and telecasts from the New York office. She belongs to American nationality. Severally to other famed personalities, no any information about where or when exactly she was born is found out up to now.


CNN International was the shipping place of hers where she led off her journalism career from. While working at London bureau of CNN International, she covered high attention catching stories that include life-sustaining global events like reporting the tolls of bomb attacks live from the 2003 Iraq war, break down of Enron, the 2004 Asian Tsunami and grievous terrorists attacks in 2005 on whole transportation system of London. Throughout her early career, she put all of her hard work’s sweat in CNN International commencing from July 2002 for around six years till August 2008. Subsequent to CNN network, she right away linked up with Bloomberg TV based at London at the ending of 2008. Formerly, she conducted editorial programs concerning European markets going under coverage of bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, poor financial mortgage condition, worldwide credit crisis, bailouts of banking spheres in The Great Britain and Europe. She presented European business news affecting its future strategies and Asian news at the Bloomberg TV program, First Look. She co-anchored Countdown alongside Owen Thomas reporting news counted in the tally of European market initiatives. After five years of service at Bloomberg TV, she waved her farewell to the channel in the beginning of 2013. Ultimately, she landed up as a newsperson associated with ABC News in February of 2013. While on the job at ABC News, she got to interview several celebrated personalities like Douglas Flint titled Chairman of HSBC, Peter Voser titled CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, John Lipsky titled Acting Managing Director of IMF, WPP’s Martin Sorrell, and Paul Myners titled former Secretary Lord of UK Financial Services and lots more.


Bringing up Linzie Janis love life, she has always remained tight-lipped about her love relationships keeping the topic as far as possible from public eyes. However, she stays all single right now, but no any rumor of her boyfriend is revealed yet. Nevertheless, she has sufficient time to get married to her darling husband in the soon future. She has developed billions of male admirers all over the world with her vigorously passionate beauty and appealing news presentation.


Janis has got along twenty six years in her age which is a young age in journalism world. She is short blonde haired which favors her pretty looks smarter. She has managed well to maintain her sexy body in a perfect shape and keep her lovely legs toned up. Her feet look beautiful as captured and viewed in some of her photos. Her beguiling expressions and influencing style of presenting news are the major two things about her that keep her at an especial position in the news media industry.


She has stayed on ruling the public news media world since a retentive time for which she is counted among the significant journalists worldwide. She chanced upon the fifteen hottest Female News Anchors in the state in the fifth position. She was even awarded and titled as ‘Sizzling’ journalist according to follow up survey by College Times. She is considered to be highly paid more than rest of the news reporters present at ABC News. To the contrary, she holds huge amount of earnings but her approximate net worth is yet to be unwrapped.


The talented, untiring and upgrading TV news journalist Linzie Janis has lately been in public tidings and news because of her affiliation with ABC News and depicting endowment on demonstrating news. Her brief bio can be discovered in some related websites though wiki has not constructed one yet, but evidently will put together very soon. Her bio available only on few websites consists of very less information about her personal life. Despite of all, there is twitter and facebook from which her most recent updates and activities can be found out leading to know more on her.