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Lily Stephenson-Ellis, Mother Betsy Stephenson [ Jill Ellis Daughter ] Age, Wiki
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Lily Stephenson-Ellis, Mother Betsy Stephenson [ Jill Ellis Daughter ] Age, Wiki. Lily Stephenson-Ellis Mom, Dad, Family, School, Wikipedia. Read Also:-

Lily Stephenson is the daughter of English-American soccer coach Jill Ellis. She recently stepped down as the United States women’s national soccer team coach. She was in the position for 5 years.

Moreover, she won the FIFA Women’s World Cups two times with USWNT. She also serves as the development director of the United States Soccer Federation.

Previously, she was an interim head coach. Moreover, she has also worked as a head coach for various college and national youth teams.

Her last game as a manager for USWNT came in the recent 1-1 draw with South Korea. Several reports have claimed that her stepping down is the start of a new era.

She is the most successful coach in US national team history. She holds the record of 106 victories out of 132 matches. Additionally, she has not spoken regarding her future.

Most people recognize her and are aware of her exceptional career. However, her fans might not know much about her personal life.

Here, we have collected some info regarding her personal life. Additionally, we have talked in detail about her daughter Lily.

Lily Stephenson-Ellis

Lily Stephenson-Ellis is the only daughter of Jill and her spouse, Betsy. The pair adopted her some time back.

Mother – Betsy Stephenson

Her mother Betsy and Jill married in 2013. They married two years before the ruling of the Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage.

Betsy is a Senior Director of Development. She is currently associated with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

In addition, she has also worked as the Director of Development at the Marlborough School. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Personnel Administration.

Previously, she served as an associate athletic director. She was also the Assistant Vice President of Foundation Giving at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Jill Ellis’ Daughter

Her mother Jill moved to the United States in 1981 along with her family. She was the team captain at the Robinson Secondary School team.

In addition, she played as a forward at William & Mary. She has worked as an assistant coach for Maryland, Virginia, and NC State. She later became the United States under-21 women’s national football team head coach.

U.S. Soccer announced her as the national team’s head coach on 16 May 2014. She has since then become one of the most successful female coaches in the history of the game.

Lily Stephenson-Ellis Age

There are no official details available about her exact age.

Her Wiki, Short Bio

Lily Stephenson-Ellis does not have a Wiki page. There is not much info available relating to her personal life.

She was a fifth-grader at Coral Reef Elementary School in 2016. Moreover, she won a creative writing contest in June 2016.

Her essay was a touching piece about how she spent the first three months of her life in an orphanage in Puebla.

Fans have suggested that she might follow on her mother’s footsteps to become a professional soccer player in the future. Only time will tell if she will actually take on a career in professional soccer.

She has an Instagram account. However, she has not posted anything on her account so far. She has more than 400 followers there.