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The highly famous and well acclaimed television personality and host, Lidia Bastianich is a well known name in the television and culinary industry. She with her varied conceptions about foods and her perfection on the ways of cooking has been accolade as one of the best female chefs the world has ever seen. Her delicacies widely representing the Italian cuisines are well appreciated and praised. She is also an author and a restaurateur.


Being born in Pula, currently a city of Croatia in February 21, 1947 she had a hard time in her childhood. As the country she was born in was facing political changes she had to continuously shift from one place to another. She was transported to Trieste, Italy with her mother, leaving her father behind. Since the provision of the state had issues regarding the members of the state to be remained in the province. Later her father joined them by fleeing away from Yugoslavia where he was settled. She had a bitter experience as a child living under an asylum with her family. She had to stay in a refugee camp until they were granted with the emigration facility to United Sates of America in 1958. She had to continuously keep changing her place of stay as a traveler. She moved to different places in America from North Bergen to Ney Jersey then to Queens in New York. She was in her early age of 12 when all this incidents took place. She had to survive and her early experience as a struggling work seeker got her a job in a local bakery. She had her studies going strong in other hand and she successfully completed her graduation. After her graduation she worked at Italian restaurants for full time.


Her experience in the Italian cuisines took a leap and she got well accustomed to the methods of preparing Italian meals. She met Felice Bastianich, her husband to be, while she was celebrating her 16th birthday party. The two later got married in 1966 and the couple have been blessed by two children. Their first sibling Joseph was born in 1968 and later they had a baby daughter, Tanya in 1971. After their marriage the couple had a great admiration to both of their talents and work fields. They went on to open a restaurant in Forest Hills of the Queens called the Buonavia. They having less knowledge about the restaurant industry had to prepare menus copying from other highly reputed Italian Restaurants and they also appointed an Italian chef. Lidia then trained herself as an assistant chef in her own restaurant with the assistance of her best known Italian Chef. She gradually got perfect in the ways of cooking and her fame also took a rise with the high acclaims of the restaurant. She then opened a second restaurant called Villa Secondo. Here she got accustomed to the culinary and coking experience, cooking in front of the customers and this led to her perfection in on-screen presentation of the cooking scenario. After the death of her father in 1981, she sold both of her restaurants and shifted to Manhattan. She located a small place and renovated into which would be the moist highly famed flagship restaurant. She named it Felidia. The place soon got the stars it deserved too and recovered the finance she had invested into making it a better place. The recognition from The New York Times and other food critics, acquiring three stars turned the place into a hot spot making her net worth capitalize and grow vivaciously. She along with her support from the family and her children went on to create a franchise of highly famed restaurants and her reputation as a chef and as a restaurateur was on top of the growth.


Her career in television got a late start but better late than never, she took on the PBS channel series called Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen. Her on-screen persona dazzled throughout the episode and her talent in influencing the audience captivated the viewers of the large scale. Her long hairs and a cute smile took the hearts of the audience. After her success in television industry she then got featured in numerous other series like Lidia's Family Table, Lidia's Italy and Lidia's Italy in America to name the few. She also has been an acclaimed judge for the hit television series MasterChef USA. Her countless honors and achievements has bestowed her as the best in the business. She also has written many books like La Cucina di Lidia, Lidia's Family Table, Lidia's Italian Table, and Lidia's Commonsense Italian Cooking to name the few of her cookbooks. She has been awarded with Emmy, for her hosting. Her recipes and cooking therapies has vast appreciation in her fans especially her perfect blended meatballs.


The facts relating to Lidia Bastianich getting divorced from her first marriage and marrying again is not certain but more about her bio and feats can be found in wiki.