Is Lia Sahin Transgender? Everything About The German Musical Artist

Is Lia Sahin transgender? Read the article below to know the truth about the professional musical artist’s gender identity. 

Lia Sahin is a professional beatboxer, musician, and producer.

She began beatboxing when she was 15 years old.

Sahin won beatboxing competitions and directed music videos.

After advancing to the semifinals of the Turkish Super Skill at the age of 19, she felt so empowered that Lia established a clear goal.

Is Lia Sahin Transgender?

Yes, Lia Sahin is transgender.

She was born a biological male but has been living as a woman for a few years.

Lia describes herself as a typical beatboxing, red-haired German transsexual lady with Turkish ancestors.

She taught herself everything technical in a very short period of time and has been perfecting it for the last 15 years.

Lia Sahin Wikipedia And Age

Lia Sahim doesn’t have a Wikipedia page as of now.

She can support herself solely via her music, and she also teaches.

Lia’s beatbox classes are attended by both children and young people, as well as potential bosses.

Because everyone who has mastered beatboxing, according to Sahin, can converse better.

Similarly, Lia Sahim’s current age is 31 years old. However, her birth details are not provided on the web.

Lia Sahin was raised in Wiesloch after being born in Heidelberg. Her life in the hamlet was difficult, and school was nearly terrible.

Between the search for identity, prejudice, and periods of melancholy, she discovered an outlet in music at the age of 15.

She soon acquired a passion for beatboxing as a result of this drive.

Lia Sahin Partner

Lia Sahim doesn’t seem to have a partner as of now.

There are no such posts about her partner on her social media. She must be focusing on her career for now.

Sahin probably likes to keep her personal life private.

Lia Sahin Net Worth

Lia Sahim’s net worth has not been disclosed as of now.

However, being a musician she may earn a good income.

We don’t have any information on her income until now.