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Lexi Brumback Instagram: Age, Birthday, Height, How old tall, Pictures and More
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Lexi Brumback Instagram: Age, Birthday, Height, How old tall, Pictures and More. Lexi Brumback Boyfriend, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Family Netflix Cheer:

Lexi Brumback on Instagram- Pictures

Lexi Brumback dropped into the spotlight after featuring in the first season of ‘Cheer‘. Particularly known as a bad girl, she has managed to accumulate tons of fans on Social media.

As a matter of fact, her Instagram handle has over 105 thousand followers. Mostly, she posts pictures of her modeling or posing with her hubby, Dominic.

Besides, she also has some pictures of her cheerleading and squad. No wonder fans and followers eagerly wait for the gorgeous to land content and photos on her handle.

Lexi Brumback Wiki, Birthday, and Age

Full Name: Lexi Brumback
Age 20 years old
Birthday January 12
Height 1.63 m ( 5 feet 4 inches)

Lexi doesn’t much like to dive into her personal life during interviews. In fact, she had not even shared a thing about her date of birth.

However, her fellow squad member and the most popular cast of ‘Cheer’, Gabi Butler wished her for her birthday on January 12.

In fact, she was turning 20 by 2020. That means she was born at the landmark for the start of the new century.

How tall is Lexi’s height?

  • Lexi has been cheerleading her entire life, since her high school days.
  • Lexi Brumback, therefore, has an outstanding physique. There are no factual details to support the view though.
  • However, judging through her looks, she is around 5 feet and 4 inches tall. On top of that, she has a curvaceous figure and a unique charm.
  • Besides, she stands with a lean and well-toned figure.

Cheer’s Lexi Brumback Family Details

  • Parents: N/A
  • Husband/Wife/Partner: Husband- Dominic Green
  • Children: None
  • Siblings: N/A

Lexi Brumback doesn’t do personal reveal. For that matter, she is yet to spill her guts about her family and parents.

Although, she did have a struggling childhood. In an interview, she even revealed how cheerleading changed her career.

Prior to her career, she even went to juvenile for violence. Likewise, back in the days, she was once involved in an online feud with someone.

However, she did the right thing reporting to the police, thanks to coach Monica Aldama. As of now, after getting fired from the squad, she is living with her grandmother in Houston.

Lexi’s boyfriend Dominic Green

  • Lexi is already married according to her Instagram profile. Apparently, she has been hitched by Dominic Green.
  • The couple looks lovely together and often pose together in photographs for their social media.

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My other half 🥵

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More on Brumback’s Career as a Cheerleader

  • Lexi was a cheerleader since her high school. Her talents and skills definitely paint the picture of her experience.
  • However, her only career highlight includes the cheerleading for Navarro college. On the other hand, she was recently taken off the squad after finding some illegal substances in her car.
  • A fan on Instagram asked about her new cheerleading career. However, she did reply about a new surprise.
  • It looks like she will be back into her professional life as a cheerleader soon.

Lexi’s Net Worth and Salary

  • As of 2020, Lexi Brumback’s net worth is under review. Since she has just got into the wheels, the amount should be in the region of $30 thousand.
  • A cheerleader in football makes some decent sum. As of 2020, her salary details are also under review.
Net Worth (2018) Unknown
Net Worth (2019) Uknown
Net Worth (2020) Under Review

Nevertheless, she has a bright future ahead of her and will definitely surpass her sum to millions in years to come.

Salary (2018) Unknown
Salary (2019) Unknown
Salary (2020) Under Review